Carnal Invasion III is FREE for Five Days!

Today through August 17, 2019, Carnal Invasion III: Stripped to Please is FREE for your erotic reading pleasure. 
This naughty tale introduces spoiled rich boy turned good guy Max Bancroft and the sweet and sexy Gamma Iridian strippers, Jewel and Krystal. These extraterrestrial good bad girls show Max an out-of-this-world hot time, and he learns a few important lessons about love and friendship in the course of their lusty tutelage. 
Get your copy FREE for the next five days!

Treat Yourself to Carnal Invasion VII Free For Five Days!

Team Naughty Netherworld wishes all our readers a very happy holiday if you celebrate, or just a good day if you don't. Either way, we have a special gift for you. The thrilling seventh installment of the Carnal Invasion series is free to enjoy from December 25, 2018 through December 29, 2018!
This sweet and spicy tale features our lusty Gamma Iridian sex fiends, plus scheming billionaire vampires, a jilted BBW baker, and an adorable Christmas elf. Horns, lips, and loins lock often in this steamy installment of the quirky, explicit, one-of-a-kind Carnal Invasion smut-o-verse.
This is our most plot-heavy installment in the Carnal Invasion series, but, fear not, Fiends, we do not sacrifice the Good Parts for intrigue. All the Naughty Bits are explicitly yours, as you have come to expect from a Naughty Netherworld tale.
We felt that the stunning image created by the wonderful DeeDee51 bore a striking resemblance to CI7's new darling, Keke Padovan. The twenty-year-old I.T. intern begins the tale as a starry-eyed ingenue carrying a torch for Xquenda Jewels' vice president, Sonny Walton. Keke is perceptive enough to see behind the glamorous facade presented by Sonny and his scheming adoptive father Tobias, and canny enough to make the sketchy reality work to her advantage.
If you like no-holds-barred explicit erotica, unique characters, and a plethora of plot twists, you won't want to miss Carnal Invasion VII, particularly when we're putting it into your hot little hands free for the next five days. Get yours now!

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