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Weekend Writing Warriors 30 December 2018 (ER, FA, PA, RO)

The following is an excerpt from our forthcoming release, Sanguine and Scandalous, to be released on the first day of 2019.

Little Arvin Flurry, better known as Tinsel, a Christmas elf who was just one day shy of 15,000 years old, woke up in a daze in his reindeers’ stall. A caramel-colored doe called Delight nuzzled Tinsel’s golden curls and licked his face. Tinsel steadied himself against Delight’s sturdy frame and rose shakily to his feet. Once he was steady enough to run without falling over, he hurried to the palace to find what he already knew to be the case: his wife of 13,775 years, Felice Navidad the Frost Queen, was missing.
Tinsel quickly hitched Delight and a spirited young buck called Pumpkin to a sleigh and ordered them to take him to Felice.
“Stealthy now, Mates,” the elf cautioned. “We are entering the material realm. I could call it quaint were I feeling kind, but savage is far closer to the truth. Mortals are a violent lot, and when a mortal with all its unchecked appetites is made immortal, it’s a recipe for disaster to be sure.”

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  1. This snippet begs a whole host of questions - how did Tinsel wind up in the reindeer stall, and how did he know the queen was missing? Sounds like they know how to track her down, though. Interesting piece.

    1. Hey, thanks for visiting! This story is the latest in a series, and he ended up in the reindeer stall towards the end of the previous book, courtesy of a nefarious wizard.

  2. I wonder what preparations he makes for entering the realm of mortals.

  3. This paints a vivid picture. Hope the humans aren't too horrible!

    1. The ones he's about to encounter aren't really human anymore, they're vampires. Bit of a mixed bag there too as far as intent to feast on the blood of tasty elves.

  4. Good snippet. That last line, I suspect would be painfully true.

    Happy 2019! :-)

    1. Yes indeed. I think it would go rather like the Plato's Stepchildren episode from the original Star Trek series.


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