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Today through August 17, 2019, Carnal Invasion III: Stripped to Please is FREE for your erotic reading pleasure. 
This naughty tale introduces spoiled rich boy turned good guy Max Bancroft and the sweet and sexy Gamma Iridian strippers, Jewel and Krystal. These extraterrestrial good bad girls show Max an out-of-this-world hot time, and he learns a few important lessons about love and friendship in the course of their lusty tutelage. 
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Weekend Writing Warriors 20 January 2019 (ER, LGBT, PA, RO)

“Of course I will, Master. It sounds delicious! Will there be anyone else joining us, or will it just be the three of us?”
“Oh, I have at least one other guest in mind. You see, Jemma, until you showed up, I was planning on spending tonight having a meaningless orgy with a few bloodbags. You see, Sonny is unhappy with me at the moment. He thinks that I should release the Frost Queen, but I need for her to do just one thing before I do.”
 “If I may ask, what is that?”

Cie for Naughty Netherworld Press

This is a snippet from the ninth installment in the Carnal Invasion series, Full Moon Frenzy, scheduled for release on February 20, 2019. The previous snippet from this book can be found here. The conversation involves the infamous Tobias Walton, head of Xquenda Industries, and Jemma, a shapeshifting alien from Gamma Iridion, whom Tobias forced to assume the appearance of Felice, Queen of the Winter Realm. 


  1. Drum- roll... "...what is that?" :-)

    Nice, little cliffhanger!

    1. Thank you! :-)
      I always find cliffhangers enjoyable myself.

  2. Tobias sounds like a bit of a manipulative creep! Wonder what he's after?

    1. Oh, he's actually a lot of a manipulative creep, and he's definitely up to no good. ;-)

  3. His use of the words 'meaningless orgy' implies a strong degree of world-weariness that intrigues me. Is he ready for a change, then?

  4. "I was planning on spending tonight having a meaningless orgy with a few bloodbags." Wow. That's quite the statement! :D

  5. I feel an unpleasant surprise coming!

    1. If this were a horse race, that would be a good horse to place bets on!


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