Weekend Writing Warriors 22 September 2019 (ER, FA, LGBT, SF)

Weekend Writing Warriors

“Well, I don’t see why not. After all, it isn’t as if they’d have any reason to disbelieve us.”

“Lleu, go with Marc,” Leah ordered. “See to it that he doesn’t manage to get himself killed off before he has a chance to become undead. Dale, my dear young fellow, as usual, you are bearing the weight of the world on your shoulders. There is no need for you to do so. Share the burden, and we will shoulder it together.”

“Thank you, Leah,” Dale replied, squeezing the Voodoo priestess’ slender dark hand in his powerful, pale one. “You look like the toughest broad in any town, but you’re actually one of the sweetest people I’ve met. I appreciate you using your magic to take us away from the base before we all got blown to smithereens.”
~Cie for Naughty Netherworld Press~
Notes: This is an excerpt from Castle Necros, the sixteenth book in the Carnal Invasion series. It is due for release on Halloween 2019. When the volcano containing Base Lust-69 erupted at the end of Par…

Castle Necros Reveal: Rocket Woman

Copyright Mystic Arts Design on Pixabay

Leah and Dale followed Marc, Lleu, Miro, and Robert through the gates of the castle. Initially, it appeared that Dale might be correct in his assessment that the place was unoccupied, but Leah felt that it was too well-maintained. She didn’t have time to give the matter further thought, as when the group entered the tower, their startled eyes beheld a control panel and a digital counter. The door closed and locked behind them, and a computerized female voice began counting down from fifty.

“Holy crap, this tower must be a rocket!” Marc announced, his voice a good octave higher than its normal register.

“Marc, at this moment I am finding your gift for stating the obvious far from charming,” Leah snapped. “I don’t suppose that any of you gentlemen might know how to stop this thing from completing its countdown. Lleu, before you open your mouth, zip it. I’m aware that as a not particularly bright revenant from the thirteenth century, you wouldn’t have any idea what to do with this equipment.”

“I’m afraid your guess is as good as ours, Leah,” Dale said with a shrug. “Marc and I are spies, not rocket scientists.”

“I’m a disenfranchised go-go boy,” Miro stated.

“I’m a high school gym teacher who probably no longer has a job,” Robert revealed.

“Very well, I will try,” grumbled the disgruntled Voodoo priestess.

“I for one believe in Leah,” Marc declared. “Provided she did exactly as instructed, she should be able to get it right.”

250 Words

~Cie for Naughty Netherworld Press~

Prompt Used: 

This prompt sparked the creation of the first two chapters of Castle Necros, the new WIP which will become the sixteenth installment in Naughty Netherworld Press' Carnal Invasion series.
Here is an introduction to the characters.
Leah La Sirene is a 60-year-old Voodoo priestess from New Orleans. One cannot miss her striking vermillion afro.
Lleu Redgrave is a vampire born in 1212 who is hung up on his creator, the vampire sorceress Paraji.
Dale Dicking and Marc Cumming are both agents from the super top-secret Alien and Supernatural Search Squadron.
Miroslav Korošec was an exchange student from Slovenia during his and Robert Cody's junior year in high school. The pair developed feelings for each other at that time but drifted apart. They have been happily reunited fifteen years later. 


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