Weekend Writing Warriors 4 August 2019 (ER, LGBT, RO, SF)

“Not on my watch!” Rhodie retorted. “Samantha, you listen to me! We’re going to find Ulrich and get back to our own place and time. You can’t give up! If you die, Ulrich will die too. You know that I swore to protect you back when you rescued me from Manzanar. I’m not giving up on you, Samantha. Don’t you dare give up on me! You have to let me at least try and do my job!”
~Cie for Naughty Netherworld Press~

At the end of Paraji's Prisoners, Base Lust-69 was shattered into pieces when the volcano it had been built in erupted. The various personnel and prisoners at the base ended up being thrown through wormholes which formed when the base exploded. Samantha Zuniga, a Gamma Iridian, was separated from her mate Ulrich von Brandt
Gamma Iridians reproduce in the same manner as amoebas, and Ulrich was formed shortly after the pod carrying the Gamma Iridian who would become known as Samantha landed in Bavaria in 1918. They see themselves as two parts of the same being and have a romantic soul mate bond. They have always been together and the energy disruption caused by being separated in the space-time continuum is causing critical distress.


  1. This a frightening snippet. I look forward to next week.

  2. Sure, play the guilt card why don't you? I'll bet it works!

    1. Rhodie can usually get Samantha to listen, although sometimes it takes a bit of browbeating.

  3. This is intense. I hope she listens to him!

  4. This sounds like a pretty wild and wonderful tale, perhaps told with tongue in cheek!

  5. Guilt or fast-talking, whatever it takes to get him to listen to her. Good snippet!


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