November PAD Chapbook Challenge 2019: Day 19: Another Antonymic Bomb: Loved and Despised

Admirable - Awful
Beautiful - Boorish
Compassionate - Cruel
Darling - Deplorable
Enlightened - Egocentric
Fantastic - Foul
Genuine - Gruesome
Heavenly - Hellish
Innocent - Irredeemable
Just - Jealous
Keen - Kinky
Lovable - Loathsome
Marvelous - Malevolent
Noble - Nasty
Obliging - Oligarch
Pure - Pretentious
Quaint - Quarrelsome
Resourceful - Ruthless
Sagacious - Sadistic
Tender - Terrible
Unaffected - Unjust
Valiant - Vile
Warm - Wicked
Xenial - Xenophobic
Yielding - Yellowblooded
Zany - Zealot

Princess Ondina

Today's November PAD Chapbook Challenge prompt asked for a protagonist or antagonist poem, or one that incorporates both. I was inspired to do a character study through the eyes of Princess Ondina, a long-ago incarnation of Pepper Baiij.

Princess Ondina was the reluctant captive regent of West Zecor on the doomed world of Zetar 6. She was held in the thrall of her brutal half-brother, King Qweh. One night, Qweh slew Ondina's bodyguard in a drunken rage. The next day, he brought the princess a diminutive thief whom he'd captured as a replacement bodyguard, thinking himself terribly witty. Ondina, however, stated that the little man would make a fine bodyguard and asked Qweh to leave her laboratory. 

Ondina and the thief, whose name was Serab, established an immediate rapport that quickly turned to love. There was little time for amorous moments, however. The world's binary suns were engaged in a battle with one another that would soon turn deadly, and there was no way that the cruel and jealous King Qweh was about to allow his oppressed sister to find joy with a common thief.

In this character study, Ondina compares the attributes of her beloved and her brother.

Zecor or Zetar 6 is the planet from which the malevolent Lights of Zetar of the original Star Trek series originated. I always wanted to write a backstory for this episode and, nearly 40 years later, I finally pulled the trigger on the project. 

The Lights of Zetar are the creation of the late Jeremy Tarcher and the late Shari Lewis. 

All the characters mentioned in this post are the creations of Team Netherworld.

Fetch is the flagship story in Team Netherworld's Yadira Chronicles.

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