Weekend Writing Warriors 22 March 2020 (PA, SF)

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The previous snippet in this series can be found here. A pair of Cockney ghouls visiting the carnival in Xura have just noticed Ketil Nagel, a spectral death metal musician with a storied reputation, outside the infamous Xura Dream House with Yitzy, a renegade member of the Great Race of Yith.

The stout ghoul’s companion was small and impish. He wore a similar outfit to his companion: a reddish-brown newsboy cap, a gray sweater over a collared shirt, and a pair of ragged blue trousers. His clawed feet were bare as well. His large ears were pointed with tufts of white hair at the tips. Strands of coarse white hair peeked out from beneath his newsboy cap.

“I daresay, Rob, old China, coming to Xura was just the thing,” the portly ghoul declared, his voice surprisingly mellifluous despite his thick Cockney accent. “I’ve not had a haunch so perfectly trimmed with gold in an age! I simply don’t know why we ain’t done this before.”

~Cie for Naughty Netherworld Press~


  1. Cie, your writing always amazes me--your imagination is incredible. The details never fail to have me picture your fantastical creatures. :-)

  2. I guess they'll have to come again then. It sounds like their kind of place.

  3. well he's happy, or so it seems! Not sure that's a good thing for anyone else though LOL. Great snippet, very descriptive.

  4. Great description of the ghoul!

  5. Love the description of the ghoul, down to his voice.

  6. What great imagery! And I LOVE the graphic for Tales from the Dreamlands!


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