Insecure Writers' Support Group + WTF Wednesday 1 July 2020: A Sincere Apology

I'm sorry. Here's a Chihuahua

The Insecure Writers' Support Group question for July is:

There have been many industry changes in the last decade, so what are some changes you would like to see happen in the next decade?

What a fantastic segue! Fair warning, I cuss a lot. If you are bothered by profanity, you will want to give me a miss. 

Self-publishing has started to be taken seriously during the past decade. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for the quality of the material being presented) most self-published authors are not independently wealthy, so we need to engage in self-promotion as well.

I would like to see myself become independently wealthy in the next decade.

That being said...

My longtime followers have probably not failed to notice my promotion of a platform called Publish0x over the past several months. I was a big fan of Publish0x. The platform allows readers to tip authors using cryptocurrency from the Publish0x pool at no cost to themselves. That sounds pretty damn great, and it probably would be if the people who run the platform weren't prats.

Obviously, the bloom is off the rose.

"So, Ornery, what happened? Why did you give Publish0x' ring back?"

I logged into Publish0x to do my thing. Lo and behold, the write a post function is gone. A glitch? Nay. It turns out that my Naughty Netherworld Press blog was removed without warning because Publish0x claims that I seriously violated one of their terms. 

I don't know which one, because they sent me a crappy form letter, which said:


We're sorry to inform you that your authorship privileges have been removed. This is due to a serious breach of our rules when posting content on the site.

If you wish to dispute this decision then please respond to this email, stating clearly why you believe your authorship should be reinstated.


Well, exactly what do you want me to do with that overwhelming lack of information, Publish0x? I don't know which post violated your rules. Other than embedded Twitter videos featuring cute animals that lead back to the source, the only content I publish is MY OWN. I cite my sources and use free pictures from places like Pixabay. 

The last post I published on Publish0x was this one:

The content of that post was original. I cite where I cross-posted it. The material being sourced was written by me. That post is me all over.

Initially, this is what I wrote to Publish0x support.

I am not sure why this has happened. I only publish material that I have written and correctly source any material such as videos and images. I only use free-use images from Pixabay and such. I have posted some embedded videos from Twitter, but these clearly link back to the source. I have always been very careful not to break the rules and would like to know which post you are referring to.

Eleven minutes later, this is the tune I was singing:

Never mind, just delete my account. If you can't even be bothered to tell me which post was the problem or what I supposedly did that was a breach of conduct, that is pretty unprofessional. I have always been very careful to follow your rules. Other than the occasional embedded twitter post with a cute animal video, which links directly back to its source, all the material I post is my own work. I correctly identify my sources, and I only use images from free-use sites such as Pixabay. 

This form letter is the height of impersonal. I liked your platform and thought it was an excellent alternative to WordPress and Blogger. I promoted the platform every time I shared a post. Unfortunately, I will be rescinding my support of your platform and I would like you to delete my account immediately. In fact, I will be suggesting that people not use Publish0x.

So, there you have it, Folks. I am going back to the tried and true. Publish0x was a pain in the ass anyway, but I thought it had potential. 

The Owl Has Spoken

Ornery Owl
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