Weekend Writing Warriors 19 July 2020: Ornery Poetry Archive: Rain

I wish it would rain
Gloomy day with gray haze
Like the not quite sorrow in my brain

The sky won't cry
Neither will I
Guess neither of us have it in us to try

I have too much
But not enough
Too much trouble
Not enough of the right stuff

I wish it would rain
Wash away my weariness for just a while
I wish the sky would cry
So I wouldn't have to.


Written for the unfortunately now-defunct Alpha-be Thursday

Jenny Matlock

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This poem was written on 21 March 2013. Later in 2013, I regretted writing it because the area I was living in was hit by a flood. My car was hit by a wave of water coming across the road in an area that was normally a field. I struggled with PTSD for some time after that incident, feeling that I didn't deserve to write because people had died and I was still alive. 

I may be dredging poems out of the archive for a while. My life is still quite a chaotic mess from dealing with cleaning out my old mobile home where I lived for 18 years with severe depression and very little in the way of assistance or compassion from others. I was able to make myself go to work and take my son to school, but not much else. The end results are catastrophic. But life is better now even if it is still stressful, and we would like to get on with the poem, wouldn't we? Let's do that.

~Cie the Ornery Old Poet, In Case You Didn't Know It~

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  1. This poem is filled with emotion, and well written.

  2. Lovely poem. So personal, melancholy and sensitive. Thanks for sharing, Cie!

  3. Ooh, I liked that, very evocative and the comparison to the rain refusing to fall was terrific. Nice to have some poetry today! Thank you :)

  4. I enjoyed the poem of washing the worry away. If only the sky could cry for us. But at times, that may cause a flood. :)

  5. My heart goes out to you, Cara. We writers know what depression is like; I can't imagine being a writer if I didn't. So take care, and know that you aren't alone.

  6. Cie, you say so much with so few words. There's an abundance of emotion flowing from this poem. Hugs... I hope life gets lighter for you.

  7. Cie, I'm sure I left a comment here last week, but don't see it. I feel terrible that you must think I didn't care enough to read your poem!

    I really like it. Wouldn't it be beautiful if rain could wash away all the bad, all the struggles, all the pain?

    Hang in there. And keep posting poems! We don't get enough of them :-)

    1. Hi Teresa, no worries. I think it was just stuck in the moderation queue. Who can explain the mysterious ways of Blogger?


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