Carnal Invasion I: Coming to Earth: MFRW Steam Excerpt

The Snippet:

When the Earth invasion fleet from Gamma Iridion was wiped out by irradiated space junk, there were only two survivors. 110X1 was the spawn of the vice admiral and 1X0X1 was the spawn of the lead wing commander. The pair were notorious for being exceptionally lazy; when space junk devastated the fleet, they were napping in an escape pod, which detached from the doomed flagship and fell to Earth, landing in a sand trap at Big Putt Golf Haven at the stroke of midnight.

The pod dematerialized ninety seconds after the surprised occupants evacuated. No-one witnessed the event except for countless mosquitoes, several hundred fireflies, approximately 108 mice, one screech owl, and a young groundskeeper named Gandolph Stafford, known to his gaming friends as Gandy.

“Holy chimera crap!” Gandy gasped.

The evacuees of the pod initially appeared to be amorphous, transparent blobs. Gandy attempted to stay hidden from them. He was just twenty-five years old, and he had every intention of celebrating his twenty-sixth birthday in 172 days. The invaders, however, had far more advanced senses than humans.

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The Notes
I realize that this excerpt is more silly than steamy. This is a fun little story that heats up slowly and (ahem) climaxes in a robust release at the end. Some of you have seen the excerpt before on the Book Hooks blog hop. Now that my son and I are done dealing with the physical part of cleaning out my old mobile home, I'm (hopefully) going to be able to restructure my promotion efforts in a more effective manner.

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  1. This is brilliantly clever! And thanks for all your insightful comments on the other Steam Hop posts!

  2. Sounds like this book has a lot of humor!

  3. Interesting snippet, Lil. I wondered at the traveler characters' names, but never expected them to be in the shape of blobs. I'm also curious as to how Gandy will fare in this encounter. Curious and curiouser.

  4. Hoping Gandy makes it to his next birthday.

  5. You said this was a little more silly than steamy and you're right. But I truly like silly, and I trust in the steamy coming. So to speak! Great introduction!

  6. Great job, Lil
    Shared here:
    My best, Keta


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