N. R. Williams, Fantasy Author: WEP Challenge, Grave Mistakes

N. R. Williams, Fantasy Author: WEP Challenge, Grave Mistakes:   Write, Edit, Publish (WEP) challenge for October 2020. WEP was started by Denise Covy, my Aussie friend. Anyone can join and post real-lif...

Some excellent stories here.

The second story was nicely spooky. It made me recall a time when I was much younger. This fellow said he bet I wouldn't have the nerve to walk across the Boulder cemetery. That cemetery is very open and you can see across it and it is only surrounded by a short fence. So I got out of the car, hopped the fence, and started walking. 
The fellow jumped the fence and started walking alongside me. He began to get spooked and said "Okay, you've proved your point." 
I said, "but I'm not done visiting my friends."
He was a nervous wreck by the time we got to the opposite side of the graveyard, and I was fine as wine.
As to Wayne Uptight, I wanted to throw him out a window after reading the bit about insisting his wife should be naked whenever he was home. I couldn't help but see a resemblance to a certain Resident of the White House, who, hopefully, will not be in residence much longer.

~The Owl Hath Spoken~

Ornery Owl
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