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The Blurb
The fate of the Cosmos rests in the hands of an unlikely team of unusual friends. Will an exiled member of an ancient extraterrestrial race, a human ghost, and two ghouls be able to outfox an ancient evil and beat Nyarlathotep at his game before time runs out? This buddy story is the first in a series of New Cthulhu Mythos cliffhangers.

The Notes
Last time, Ketil recalled committing his soul to Mormo.

The Snippet

Ketil fell back from the platform, the spike rupturing his heart as it passed through his spine. His skull shattered as it hit the concrete floor. As his long hair flew back from his head during his descent, it was revealed that he had carved the unhallowed symbols into his forehead as well as his torso.

“That room ran red with blood,” Ketil stated quietly as his companions watched him, unsure what to say. “It matters not to me. It was many years in the past. But that my family should have seen that image—that my mum and my sister should have to see…”

“Best not to think on such things too long, Guv,” Robin suggested, touching Ketil’s arm with surprising gentleness. “Ain’t a thing you can do to change the past. Stiff upper lip, y’know, and soldier on.”

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  1. Robin is right - but haven't we all wanted to change the past from time to time.
    I know I have.

  2. Yes, definitely nothing he can do to change that now. But, I understand why that would bother him.

  3. When Ketil started talking after his graphic death scene, I forgot for a moment that he was a ghost. I'm glad he's still on the scene in your story!

  4. He survived the fall? I'm confused.

  5. What a terrible way to go! And for his family to have witnessed it!

    1. They didn't, but pictures of the scene were leaked.
      Sadly, that part of it is based on a real incident.

  6. Well done. I can well understand why he would not his family or friends to see such painful last moments. And his friend's reaction, combining gentleness and a stiff upper lip, such a great response. Wishing you a very happy new year.

  7. I agree, that would be traumatic for his family to find.


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