Stripped to Please: Solid Advice from Jim #MFRWHooks


The Blurb

When spoiled rich college boy Maxwell Bancroft decides to stop in at the XXX Show Club, he meets two sexy strippers who are literally out of this world.

The Snippet

Max receives further unwanted advice from Jim Scott, his college advisor.

“What I’m seeing here before me is not a stupid young man,” Scott declared in a fashion that Max imagined was supposed to be encouraging. “What I see before me is a young man who, up until now, has had no particular reason to be motivated. May I suggest that whether or not you intend to marry the young lady who is the mother of your child, you are going to want to make that child proud that you are his or her father. I know that being a father at such a young age must be daunting. It may even seem impossible. But I believe in you, Max. I believe you have it in you to be an excellent father and a good student. Remember, I’m here for you, Man.”

Max forced a smile, shook Jim Scott’s hand, and, after leaving the counseling center, went to the Triple X Strip Club on the seedy side of town. The dancers at Triple X would put out if the pay was right, and Max felt that a quickie with a nasty girl was just what he needed to forget about his pregnant stepsister. He didn’t dislike Wella, but he’d never had any intention of spending the rest of his life shackled to her. He supposed that he had no-one but himself to blame for thinking with his dick.

“At least the strippers at Triple X are probably on the pill,” Max reassured himself.

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  1. Interesting bit here. He is rather selfish

  2. O.o interesting line "“At least the strippers at Triple X are probably on the pill,” Max reassured himself."

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  3. This guy needs a swift kick. He's headed out to pay for sex with strippers because they're "probably" on the pill. Has he ever heard of a condom?

  4. I'd say this young man has learned absolutely nothing by knocking up his stepsister. He's still thinking with his groin.


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