Thirsty Thursday: The Empty Dreams of a Lost Delta Dawn


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The Empty Dreams of a Lost Delta Dawn

The date was November 4, 2014. Pepper Baiij was no longer an insecure, impetuous twenty-year-old cheating on the husband who doted on her but whom she didn’t really love. Pepper’s life had not turned out the way she’d hoped back in 1987 when she was fooling around with Virgil DeMille behind Larry’s back. She was now forty-seven years old, many years divorced and living in a dilapidated mobile home with no working furnace.

There were things that Pepper was grateful for. She had a job that she found acceptable, and she had twenty-five-year-old twins to whom she was deeply devoted, as well as five cats that she adored. Her daughter Ixchel was savvy and self-reliant, but she worried about her son, Quetzalcoatl, who struggled with anxiety and depression.

“I always believed I’d do wonderful things,” Pepper remarked as Gerry and Paul Clifford’s guitars wailed the lonely riffs of Mainline’s 1981 song, “Manual Overdrive.” “But my big dreams of bright lights and big city nights died one by one, leaving me in this dim place. I wish I knew you when I was young, Gerry, or maybe it’s better that I didn’t. I probably would have gone and fucked things up like I always do. These days I prefer rustic simplicity to nihilistic glamour. I didn’t find fame and fortune, but I didn’t wind up dead either. I worked something out, and maybe that’s the best that can be expected. But oh, Gerry, I wish that somehow I could help you.”

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Prompt List

October Spooky Writing Challenge Prompts: Empty

Putting my Feet in the Dirt December 2020 prompts: Manual Overdrive

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  1. Working things out is better than I have learned to expect. A DEFINITE achievement even if she is not yet ready to claim it fully.

  2. I so loved reading this :) thanks for joining in on my prompt


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