Hope. Dreams. Life... Love: My Love Affair With Books

Hope. Dreams. Life... Love: My Love Affair With Books: My love affair with books began when my parents read Little Golden Books to me.  I remember one that especially impressed me.  I wish I coul...

I was a precocious reader too. I learned to read at four years old. By the time I was six, I was reading Edgar Allan Poe, no joke! Probably explains a few things about what a weird mess I am.


  1. I think that a love of books and reading was the best thing that my parents ever gave me.

    1. Same. My father was a professor of literature and social studies. He taught me to read early on. He tried to also teach me to read in Latin, German, and Middle English. I don't remember a lot of either Latin or German, but Middle English is pretty cool.


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