Cloned Heat III: He Gets In Your Blood #MFRWHooks #RainbowSnippets #SnipSun #8Sunday


M/M erotica, sci-fi

3000 words 

Content Advisory:
BDSM, group sex, cliffhanger


Carnal Invasion II found fugitive Hangiri roughnecks Iker Macauley and Peregrine Varga en route to the monastery with the sweet and sexy pleasure clone Ohannes Herod Hertz. Ohannes wanted more of the good stuff he’d been served up the night before and Iker found himself unable to resist the lithe Lothario.

The fellows were caught with their pants down by a rogue military patrol who took them back to their base where they were introduced to the renegade scientist, General Darden Uffe Bissette, and his strangely seductive amphibious pleasure clone, Finn Storm. Ohannes quickly fell under Finn’s spell and it appeared that the siren easily held everyone but Iker and Peregrine in his sway.

Iker and Peregrine now discover that they have an ally in Colonel Zaccheus Laocoön Ionescu. But will they be able to save Ohannes from Finn’s enchantment?


“We know that the siren is controlling everyone including Bissette,” Peregrine noted. “So, why isn’t he controlling you?”

“Finn be powerful but dare only one of him. Him can’t watch everyone alla time. Bissette be completely obsessed wit’ Finn, so his powers of observation be duller dan a rusty spoon. Corporal Viola and Sergeant Kuijpers be horny young fuckers wit’ low self-esteem. Me hoping to get dem away from Finn for a while now, but, honest, me not sure what me can offer dem. Dat little shit Finn gets in a man’s blood, literally.”

“How do you mean?” Peregrine asked.

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  1. Literally? Oooo, I need to know more!

  2. Uh oh. Gets in the blood, literally? Intriguing.

    I so enjoy the dialect. :-)

  3. (Shivers) Not sure I want to know how Finn gets into people's blood LOL! An excellent excerpt...

  4. I want to know what he means to. Fun snippet.

  5. Gets in his blood? Yes, what does he mean. Intrigued to know more.

  6. I liked the patois he speaks in. It proclaims him a 'Other' yet it's easy to comprehend.

    Sorry for the late visit – I was in deadline hell. But I got the MS in on time!

  7. Ditto what the others are wondering. Intriguing snippet. More, please.

  8. Interestingbit here. Gets in the blood - literally?


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