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M/M erotica, sci-fi

3000 words 

Content Advisory:
BDSM, group sex, cliffhanger
(For the book, brief mentions only for this post.)


In Seduced by the Siren, Finn Storm got deep under Ohannes’ skin, enslaving the needful pleasure clone’s body, mind, and soul. The lusty Reject Squadron is putty in the sexy merman’s hands—all except for the canny Colonel Ionescu, who is plotting with renegade roughnecks Iker Macauley and Peregrine Varga to mastermind a rescue.

It won’t be easy to break Ohannes or the other members of the Reject Squadron free from Finn’s spell. The masterful manipulator feeds the fellows’ manly needs in ways so hot that it’s hard for even a confident and mature military man like Colonel Ionescu to resist, let alone an eager-to-please submissive like Ohannes or a couple of randy rapscallions like Sergeant Kuijpers and Corporal Viola.


The Best-Laid Plans

“Finn be callin’ General Bissette to him now,” Colonel Ionescu stated. “Dis be our best chance to put our plan into action. Bissette be crazy alla time from lust for Finn, and him droolin’ over your boy Ohannes now too. Won’t be no trouble to put him out sleepy.”

“It ain’t Bissette that I’m worried about, Pal,” Iker protested as Ionescu handed himself and Peregrine bags containing hypodermics prefilled with a strong sedative. “Leg-humpers like your self-appointed general are a credit a case. All we’d have to do is slap his ass and offer him a hand job, and he’d be our bitch. The salty little man-eating twink is the real threat.”

“Me ain’t denyin’ dat Finn present a challenge,” Ionescu concurred. “De best advice be don’t get bit. Like me sayin’, dat little fucker get in your blood and it be hard to get him out. Me livin’ long enough dat me tink wit big head more often dan little head now-days, so him not got me droolin’ over him like no star-eyed newblood no more.

“Here’s what’s gonna happen, fellas. Finn gonna punish Bissette de way he like it and get Bissette all hot and bothered for some rough man-handlin’. Den him gonna let Bissette have a turn on de pretty boy. Him gonna tell Bissette dat him not allowed to give sweet Ohannes no cream fillin’, but Bissette be wild for dat hot twink booty and ain’t gonna be able to stop dat rocket. So, Finn gonna punish Bissette again.

“Truf be told, Bissette make his self out to be top brass, but him usually ain’t de top man. After him take a spankin’, him wantin’ to bottom. Me hopin’ you fellas not tink me braggin’ on meself, but him like to save de biggest and best fill-up for last call.”

“Which is you, I take it?” Iker sighed, rolling his eyes.

“Me hopin’ to give you de chance to find out personal-like,” Ionescu declared with a wink, giving Iker’s back cheeks a suggestive squeeze. “You too, Mr. Strong and Silent. Me likin’ de look of you boys from de time we find you slippin’ your sweet man candy da big log out in de woods. But before us can play, us gotta get de boys away from dat little mind-fucker Finn.”

“Just tell us the plan,” Peregrine urged.

“Brothers, dis dance gonna be a cakewalk. While Finn got Bissette down on his knees getting him ready to let de boys ride his train, me gonna slip him a ticket to sleepy town. Iker, you put Bissette’s lights out, and Peregrine, you make Ohannes your sleepin’ beauty. We gotta take down Kuijpers and Viola too, but me reckon it’s gonna take dem boys a minute to snap outta de fuck-fog. Now, so tings don’t look too suspect, let’s grab us a few toys and some lube, like we comin’ in hot and heavy, ready to play.”

“From the sounds of it, things are thermal blast levels of hot out there already,” Iker remarked. “I’m almost sorry we ain’t gonna be getting a piece of that action, but when I think about getting bitten by that squirmy little man-eater, I kinda lose the urge to play dirty.”

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This book hasn't been released yet. I expected that I would be doing a free book promo with this post, but nooooo. When I uploaded the book to Amazon on Friday, it was in review. I was very busy over the weekend. When I went to KDP tonight, the book was showing as a draft. My response was literally "what the hell, you daft twat?" FML entirely.

Update: Amazon decided that the free-use image from Pixabay was "violating copyright" even though I attributed the image and Pixabay's license states that the image is available for commercial use. I changed cover images. We'll see if they stop behaving like putzes. I've never had this problem before. It's been a real headache.

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The Hops

The Icky, Sticky, Nit-Picky Legalese If You Please (Or Don't Please)

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  1. I love the lingo you've dreamed up. Very vivid and original!

  2. Best of luck with your release! (Sounds dirty in this context--heh, heh!)

  3. I like the original dialogue. Leg-humpers. LOL

  4. The language is fascinating.

  5. Sounds like it's going to be an orgy, not a rescue! Hot times ahead--pun intended.

  6. Interesting language. A bit hard to follow

  7. Nice excerpt. In short doses, the patois is a great way to characterize. I large doses, well . . .


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