FOAD Thursday: Amazon Can FOAD


FOAD Thursday badge made by me using Pixlr and a free-use image from Pixabay.

Content warning: this post is frustrated, pissed off, and sweary. If you are sensitive to profanity, don't fucking read it.

Amazon can fuck off the edge of the Earth and keep fucking off into the nearest black hole and when they reach the other side they can continue fucking off for eternity.

Cloned Heat IV has not been released yet because the Twat Brigade at Amazon decided that suddenly free-use images from Pixabay with attribution and a link to Pixabay's image use policy are not enough. One needs a signed release statement from the image creator who put their images on Pixabay to be used. 

I just fucking cannot with this shit.

So, I ended up using one of Amazon's stock images for the cover and we'll see if the bastards will be so generous as to publish it now.

As a secondary FOAD, LBRY/Odysee can FOAD as well. 

It was nice being able to use LBRY as an alternative to Amazon. But then they decided to kill LBRY in favor of Odysee and enact the Hayes Code so publishers of adult material can just get stuffed, even if we abide by an ethical code including flagging our material as being for mature audiences.

At this point, I really encourage readers who find my naughty little stories entertaining to support me on Patreon. Each new story becomes available in PDF form as it's published. Subscriptions start at as little as $1 per month. All but a small percentage of the money goes to me and, most importantly, does not go to Amazon.

Cloned Heat IV is already available from my Patreon.

Just in case I wasn't clear before:

Fuck Amazon.

Fuck them so fucking hard.

With a cactus.

And now it's time for the FOAD Thursday Theme Song.


  1. I am so over big business setting the rules. Rules which invariably benefit them.

    1. The latest fuckery is even worse. I removed the offending picture. I went into Kindle's cover creator and chose one of THEIR stock photos. Amazon gave me the SAME REPLY--that my information for the photo was "insufficient." At that point, I told them that if it was insufficient, THEY would have to provide me with the license since it came from THEIR program.
      I am beyond disgusted with this. Lesser-known, independent authors don't have the money to hire someone to create a snazzy cover, particularly when they publish more than once a year, as I do. In my response to them, I demanded to know why they were giving me so much grief when plenty of people utilize Pixabay's images and don't even attribute the creator. Which, in fact, they aren't required to. And then when I caved and used one of Amazon's stock images and they're still giving me grief? I have had the worst week, much of it thanks to Amazon.
      Don't even get me started on 123RF. I wish I had chatted with them before I went on there, found a suitable image, paid $50 to purchase credits, and then found out that they wouldn't allow me to use the image anyway because they consider the book I'd be using it for "obscene." My son pointed out that their stance is homophobic, because if the book featured heterosexual characters, I could have called it a "steamy romance" and they'd have allowed me to use it. I knew it was best if I was transparent with them, though, because the last thing I need is them coming after me later.
      I have a friend who is doing illustrations for my Ed the Vampire poem that I featured on WEP a couple of years ago. Her panels cost $5 per character, which is beyond reasonable. However, she does Chibi art, which wouldn't work for the covers of the erotica serials. Most book cover artists won't work for less than about $50, and I can't afford to do that every month.


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