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M/M erotica, sci-fi

3000 words (approximate)

Mature Content Advisory:
This post contains no explicit erotic content. The book that it is excerpted from contains explicit descriptions of erotic activity between consenting adults and is intended for mature readers only.

After escaping from the clutches of submissive mad scientist General Darden Uffe Bissette and his dangerously seductive amphibious pleasure clone Finn Storm, renegade military officer Colonel Zaccheus Ionescu and runaway roughneck Iker Macauley brought their captivated comrades to the mysterious monks at Temple Bratuns. 
Ohannes was swiftly swayed from his obsession with Finn by the tender touch of the handsome young Brother Vishal Mohammad Beumers. Peregrine Varga, however, remains deeply in Finn’s thrall. Can the monks work their lusty magic on the mesmerized roughneck, or is Iker fated to lose his best friend with benefits to the merman’s infectious kiss?


A stout, swarthy, muscular middle-aged monk passed his hand over Peregrine’s eyes and the agitated roughneck relaxed momentarily.

“The brethren of Bratuns generally do not hold our visitors against their will, Senhor, but you are not in command of your own will. Your obsession with the sea satyr is causing you to work against your best interests. We can free you from this enchantment, but you must agree to our assistance.”

“Are you mad, you fool?” Peregrine demanded. “Never would I wish to be free of Finn’s spell. If ever you tasted the briny sweetness of his delicious mouth, you would gladly become his slaves.”

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  1. Yet another wrinkle in your complicated and entertaining saga!

  2. Sounds like Peregrine doesn't know what's best for him at this moment.

  3. Finn has some power, if his victims don't want to be freed. Enjoyed it.

  4. He's got it bad . . . and in this case, that isn't good!

  5. It's really interesting to get a second opinion on Peregrin's feelings for Finn. Those feelings seem much less healthy than they did before.

  6. Well that was an unexpected response! I guess Finn has a lot of pleasing attributes.

    I missed the deadline to sign up this week. If you'd like to visit my blog, here's the link:

  7. Oh dear, poor Peregrine is going to be a tough case to solve!

  8. Wow! Peregrine has it bad!

    I like your Readers Roost Recommendations. I think it's wonderful when writers promote other writers.

    I thought I left a comment, but don't see it. Had computer issues, so was using my Kindle. Apparently I'm not very good at it. :-)


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