Ornery's Mid-Month Check-In

 Welcome to the second newsletter for August. I'm on a roll!

​How it started:
I'm gonna try to be all things to everyone!

How it's going:
Rather than shaming myself for falling short of that goal, I am objectively analyzing my own patterns and actions. This is genuinely a first for me. In my entire 56 years, I have never actually done this before. 

I notice that I get a pretty hearty selection of books for the Roost Recommendations (HTTP://ornerybookemporium.blogspot.com) when I participate in MFRW Retweet Day with MFRW Author (https://mfrw.blogspot.com/). So no matter what else happens, the Roost Recommendations won't be a shameful flop. Of course I need to be sure to put my tweet link on the correct post or it won't see any action. Derp! 

For those who aren't currently participating in MFRW Retweet Day, I highly recommend MFRW Retweet Day. Follow the link to learn more. Also, tell everyone to sign up for the Naughty Netherworld Newsletter to get useful tips like this plus lots of useless blather--I mean, scintillating conversation.

I was intending to start my shares for the MFRW Steam Hop (http://mfrwsteam.blogspot.com/) on Thursday, but Other Shit happened. I can't plan my activities around The Perfect Month. I need to leave room for Other Shit, because Other Shit always happens including shit like my being inspired on my latest, soon-to-be-rejected WIP being created specifically for rejection from this year's IWSG anthology. (HTTP://www.insecurewriterssupportgroup.com)

I'm actually not being self-deprecating when I say this. My work isn't their cup of tea. I always create a piece for rejection anyway and self-publish it later. 

I didn't write an IWSG post this month. I'll get back to that next month.

I made myself a schedule to follow. I'll be revising it. I forgot that it existed until this moment. What people refer to as "senior moments" is the story of ADHD. I've been like this all my life. There were no significant changes when I hit 40 or 50.

When I was undergoing evaluation for disability, I learned that I don't have dementia and that my short-term memory is actually pretty good when I concentrate on something. When I focus on something else, all is forgotten except for those things that are critically important. I'm actually a lot better at knowing where to find my keys now than I was when I was in my 20s and 30s because I always put them in the same place!

Anyway, sometimes I have to let inspiration take precedence over the practical stuff. I'll get to the MFRW Steam comments today and add everyone's books and posts to the Roost Recommendations. I'll see what comes next after that.

I need to drive to Fort Collins (60 miles away) for a blood draw. I wanted to do it earlier in the month but I'm not going to go if I'm not positive that the lab has my orders, and they haven't been answering the phone or returning my calls. I asked my PA to email or snail mail me a copy of the lab orders. So far I've not received that either.

I may ask the PA if I should come in for the rest of the annual diabetic check and I can pick up the orders from her. I don't have the staff at her office do my draws because 

A) I have to do a modified fast for 12 hours where I can't eat anything containing fat. This is so I don't get a false high reading on my triglycerides. Since I'm diabetic, she realizes that I have to eat something so I don't pass out, so my glucose is going to be high when the labs are drawn. That's not the problem. The problem is I feel like hot garbage because foods with zero fat are notoriously unsatisfying. 

B) My veins are shit, so the MAs at the office usually can't get them. The people at the lab in Fort Collins are EMTs and paramedics. They're proficient at dealing with terrible veins. 

In summary, I'm not going to drive 125 miles to the doctor's office while feeling like absolute crap and needing to pee so bad I can taste it because I have to drink massive amounts of liquid to plump up my garbage veins, only to get to the doctor's office and have to endure multiple failed attempts to get blood from a turnip. 

The other problem in this equation is that the post office has been returning my mail recently, so who knows if the lab orders will get to me or not. If they aren't here today, I'll contact the office and let them know.

This is the story of my stupid life. I bet you're glad you're not me. I wouldn't be me either if I had a choice.

~Ornery Owl Has Spoken~


  1. A huge sigh on the other shit. I do hope that some of it gets sorted. And doesn't return to haunt you.

    1. I got the bloodwork out of the way today. Of course they tried to have the new technician draw the blood. I was skeptical and said not to be rude, but you get one shot, and then you bring in the gal at the front desk, because I know she can get my veins. Unsurprisingly, the newbie couldn't get my blood. I don't want to have to come back another day to try again, so I have to be kind of a bitch about it.
      I remember one occasion where an inexperienced technician was digging around in my arm trying to find my vein. It wasn't so much that it hurt as it felt really weird, and I turned cold and clammy and started sweating. I had to ask her to stop doing that because I was going to throw up, pass out, or both.

    2. I hear you. It once took the hospital nine hours to get a vein. And in the process I heard words I don't ever want to hear again 'oops. I just exploded that vein.' He had. And decades later there is still an obvious lump in that vein.

    3. Oh my word! That's something I never want to hear either!
      It hasn't happened yet. My veins are deep, tough, full of valves, and like to roll away. One time the vein collapsed and my hand bloated up with IV fluid. That was...interesting.


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