Nyarlathotep's Journey: A Son of Azathoth #SnipSun #8Sunday


Fantasy Romance

3000 words (approximate)

Heat Level

This story contains no graphic erotic scenes. It features a heterosexual romantic bond and a birth scene.


This story reveals the origins of the ancient cosmic sorceress Yadira Root, daughter of the Outer God Nyarlathotep, and Queen Nathicana of the doomed world of Zaïs. It provides a unique interpretation of Nyarlathotep, the most nuanced and intelligent of H.P. Lovecraft's Outer Gods.


Azathoth, the embodiment of primordial chaos, tended to spawn chaos. Because it required a way to bring balance to the chaotic forces it spawned, it created Nyarlathotep.

Nyarlathotep sprang from the writhing mass of Azathoth fully mature. Unlike his siblings, he possessed the power of reason and quickly learned that an attitude of benevolent leadership was the most effective approach. Nyarlathotep could assume any form, and he used this ability to his advantage. 

Once the worlds he had helped form and populate were autonomous, Nyarlathotep moved on. As he traveled, he contemplated his nature. That he was necessary delighted him without making him prideful. That he was different from his progenitor and siblings was evident, and he desired to understand this difference.

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  1. Nice! I like his thoughtful attitude. It sets him apart from the others.

  2. It's reads almost biblical. I enjoy god-myths. Right now, I like this God. :-)

  3. I like that he contemplated his own nature. Excellent!


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