Rainbow Snippets: Stumbling through Memories


M/M erotica, sci-fi

3000 words (approximate)

Mature Content Advisory:
Although this post isn't explicit, the story that the excerpt is taken from reaches Nuclear Blast levels and is decidedly not for the faint of heart.


As Peregrine Varga slips deeper into the shadows of his past with his possessive and controlling first love, executive clone Lèandre Anandi Bruhn, shocking truths are revealed. Can Peregrine ever break free of his dark past, or is he doomed to remain enslaved to Lèandre—and to Finn Storm—forever?

The Cloned Heat Cliffhangers are usually short, spicy tidbits. This installment is a full novella in honor of Halloween, the best-loved holiday for writers and lovers of tough but tender bad boys and wicked and wanton villains. 


Stumbling through shrouded memories, Peregrine recalled the night of the masquerade ball at Master Lèandre’s mansion. Lèandre had gone all out, hiring technicians to turn each room into a holographic playground. This was no mean feat, as Lèandre was one of the Xawei Conglomerate’s most treasured executive clones; thus, his astronomical salary allowed him to expand his home into a literal palace, complete with hundreds of rooms. Peregrine had been Lèandre’s concubine for ten moon cycles, and he had not yet explored the entirety of the expansive abode.

Lèandre had hired dozens of acrobatic performers, hundreds of dancers, and ten tattoo artists to delight his guests. Prior to the commencement of the festivities, Peregrine and Lèandre sat with one of the artists, an attractive young pleasure clone named Daniel Linus Rosário. 

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