Posthumous Thoughts: The Usual Suspects

Posthumous Thoughts: The Usual Suspects: “What d’ya got?” The captain was unusually surly this morning. Junior had pulled an all-nighter trying to keep up with Bannon who hadn’t res...

I've been frustrated with my writing un-career, but I've never considered whacking anybody. I did, however, have a dream where I killed this musician to steal his song lyrics and used my voodoo power to shrink him down and try and stuff him in my glove box when I saw the police coming. It was an odd dream as I'm honestly not homicidal and I have nothing against the guy who was the victim in my dream.

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  1. That's not bad. I died twice last night. Once by driving my car into sink hole, and another time I was eaten by a tyrannosaurs. LOL I think life my be changing! At least I think that the right dream eval. Killing someone means acceptance and or change, something in your life is coming to an end???? Just guessing. Happy Holidays!


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