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GenreErotica (BDSM, m/m, m/f/f menage)

Length: 10,000 Words

Heat Level: Nuclear Blast (5 Flames)


Candi knew hot things happened behind closed doors at the Pearl Beach Resort. After all, the place was owned by bisexual billionaire playboy Boris van Donk, who had a reputation for taking on all comers. 

Candi's family of origin was strictly religious, and she has never given or received more than a chaste kiss in her 21 years. Between bad-boy Boris and her geeky, fun-loving, porn-writing housemates, an awakening of her desires is inevitable. 


Despite their enjoyment of one another’s company, the trio realized there were many things they didn't know about each other. They wished to strengthen their bond and dedicated an hour every week to unofficial group therapy. During this time, anyone could share his or her secrets. The friends were currently involved in one of these casual counseling sessions.

The trio’s sole male member, Parsifal Matveev, was twenty-four years old. At five foot seven and 130 pounds, he was an elflike fellow with a sweet smile, stunning malachite green eyes, strawberry blond hair, and freckled cheeks.

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You can pre-order now for $1.99. While $1.99 is a great price, I'm gonna let you in on a bit of inside info. I will run a freebie soon after the release, and the book will be available from Kindle Unlimited if you'd prefer to borrow it. 

Grab it now and know it will be available to read on October 10, or mark your calendar and snap it up later. You're a winner either way!

I have two promo events coming up in October, both hosted by RABT Book Tours. 



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  1. How exciting to have a new release, Cie!

  2. You've got me hooked and dying to get to know these characters, especially Parsifal!

  3. Will be interesting to see their character growth.

  4. Parsifal does sound like a hottie! Loved the description...


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