WTF Blogger?


Just in case you were under the mistaken impression that Blogger had stopped being stupid, allow me to correct you. Blogger just went through and decided that an old story-planning blog I hadn't even posted to in several years violates community standards. I wasn't even my usual profane self in any of the posts on this blog. I'm now going through and setting any blogs I'm not currently actively using to private to avoid having this same nonsense happen to any of them.
Just...what the hell?

~Ornery Owl Has Spoken~

Ornery Owl is Not Amused
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  1. Sigh. And I am still rescuing comments (including my own) from spam.

  2. I've had issues also.
    For years my blog had a "Giveaways" page. They suspended the page and said it was a violation.
    I updated it to "Contests" and now we are good.
    It's sooooooo dumb.


I try to get comments published as quickly as possible. I have ADHD and anxiety and sometimes I need to work myself up to be able to respond to comments. I don't always reply to comments on my blog, but I do try to visit as many people as possible when I participate in blog hops. I share your work on the monthly Roost Recommendations posts at so others can discover your work. I do read and appreciate your comments.
Sorry, the Captcha is back and this time it's staying. I was inundated with spam comments when I turned it off. I wish butt rash on all the spammers out there.

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