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My post comes from the official Naughty Netherworld Press blog ( I utilized the A to Z Blogging Challenge ( to promote the Carnal Invasion series by introducing readers to some of our featured characters. You can meet Ulrich von Brandt and Samantha Zuniga, the King and Queen of Climax Castle, below.

The Carnal Invasion series is explicit erotica, but blog posts are rarely more than a PG-13. This post contains suggestive language but no explicit descriptions. 

If you are interested in checking out the Carnal Invasion series, please visit Naughty Netherworld Press' very own dirty book store. ( This page contains no explicit pictures or text. You can look at previews of the currently available titles here, and if you choose to borrow or purchase a book through one of the preview links, I make a small commission from Amazon.

And now, meet Ulrich von Brandt!

vintage couple

Image by Jo-B from Pixabay

Ulrich von Brandt and Samantha Zuniga, as pictured on the cover of "My Cumly Bride: Vintage Erotic Tales of Lust"

Along with wife Samantha Zuniga, Ulrich von Brandt is one of the owners of Climax Castle. There was originally only one Gamma Iridian in the pod which landed behind a movie house in Bavaria where attendees were viewing an erotic film starring the original Ulrich von Brandt and Samantha Zuniga. 

The Gamma Iridian split into two beings, one which took on the appearance of Ulrich, the other which took on the appearance of Samantha. The pair entered the movie house, and an orgy ensued.

Ulrich is a kind-hearted if sometimes exasperating chap. He enjoys sex with men and women equally, and always looks for the best in everyone.

Ulrich appears as a tall, slender, sophisticated blond man with sky-blue eyes and a bright smile. He speaks fluent German and English with a German accent. Ulrich enjoys traveling and finding ways to better the lives of others. He is happiest when bettering others' lots in life involves getting to know them sexually as well.

Like other Gamma Iridians, Ulrich tends to be very literal. His affable manner has a way of making his blunt expressions quaint rather than crude.

Ahmose, my dear boy, you know, whenever I am sad about something, I find that there is a solution which perks me up right away. ‘Ulrich,’ I say to myself when I am sad, ‘there is one great cure for unhappiness. You must get back on the cock!’ Yes, it is simple advice, but it is time-honored and true.” --Ulrich von Brandt

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