Rainbow Snippets: From Behind: A Rough Landing

Image copyright Alexander Andropov

After a dozen stomach-churning spirals, the plasma jets stabilized the craft, which landed at the base of a wind-blasted mountain range covered in dunes of red sand. The passenger looked curiously at her companions.

“Why has your form not shifted?” she inquired. “Surely a human could not survive in this place.”

“We are not human,” the officer appearing to be a petite Asian woman of around forty years of age replied. “We only take on the appearance of humans.”

~Cie for Naughty Netherworld Press~

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This snippet is an excerpt from a WIP short story that was recently published at  blog.reedsy.com/creative-writing-prompts. You can read the entire submission here. 

If you enjoy the story, please consider signing up for a free Reedsy account and giving it a thumbs up. Reedsy features a new story contest every week, plus editing and publishing services.

This story will eventually become part of a novelette which is part of a collection of stories ranging from slightly spicy to Habanero. The tentative title for the collection is A Fine Mess in Space and Time.

Gamma Iridians are a shape-shifting species from the planet Gamma Iridion. Mistress Kali and Mistress Nyx are Gamma Iridians. The unhappy passenger is Paraji, a Rakshesha (female Rakshasa). Paraji is Mistress Kali's past lover, and Mistress Nyx is Mistress Kali's current paramour. 

Paraji's desire for revenge on Mistress Kali for spurning her led to the mess that the trio is currently in. Check out Paraji's Prisoners for the sizzling back-story. This book is for mature audiences only. 

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