Thirsty Thursday: Synopsis for The Ballad of Gerry Clifford and a Shout-Out

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Hello Fiends! For today's Thirsty Thursday, I'd like to offer the synopsis from the first book in the Fetch series, The Ballad of Gerry Clifford. The Fetch series is the lynchpin of the Yadira Chronicles. The book is slated for publication on the Fourth of July. So, without further ado, let's swing the synopsis!

The Beginning of the End

Diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease that has progressed to the point where his family can no longer care for him without help, sixty-two-year-old blues-rock pioneer Gerry Clifford’s family has placed him in a facility for the memory impaired. Candlelight Ridge Care Home is housed in a repurposed 228-year-old mansion in London’s storied Crouch End, the borough where the Clifford family moved from Glasgow on St. Patrick’s Day, 1963.

Although his physical body and mind are deteriorating, Gerry’s remarkable mystical abilities and past life connections have made him a target for various unscrupulous supernatural powers that will stop at nothing to force the modest musician to support the destruction and restructuring of the Cosmos. Gerry has several helpful friends, both corporeal and non-corporeal, working to protect and assist him. But will their devotion be enough to save the Universe from Nyarlathotep and his powerful daughter, the sorceress Yadira Root?

The e-book will be available on Kindle and a PDF version will be available from LBRY. The PDF version from LBRY will be priced at about 50 percent less than the Kindle version. If you don't have a LBRY account, sign up through the following link. You can earn LBC, a form of cryptocurrency, by watching videos and selling your own work as well.

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