Alpha and Omega I: Weekend Writing Warriors + Self-Promo Saturday + Snippet Sunday

The Snippet
All things are interconnected, and yet sometimes it is impossible to find the link between them, particularly where humanity is concerned. Those who are no longer living can see these associations better than those still bound to corporeal form. 

Those of us who looked deeper into certain affiliations became deeply unsettled by what we found. Forces of evil long dormant in the waking world are quite active behind the walls of sleep. I and five other appointed agents were dispatched by King Kuranes of Celephais to explore the Cosmos and discover how we may yet save ourselves from annihilation or, worse, enslavement to these malevolent tyrants.

I followed my research to the dead world of Zecor 6 in the year 3121 where I found scientists of various species exploring the planet. The more physically vulnerable among them were wearing protective gear; as I am a spirit, there was no need for me to take such precautions.

One fellow clad in such a safety suit was happily humming a zany little tune from my time. This nasty earworm proceeded to give me fits for the remainder of my journey to this foul orb.

Wynona's got herself a big brown beaver and she shows it off to all her friends

One day, you know, that beaver tried to leave her, so she caged him up with a cyclone fence

The Notes
This is my excerpt from the first tale in my WIP, The Ballad of Gerry Clifford, which I'd hoped to have published back in July, but both it and life have been unwieldy. Those of you who have been around the Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday circuit for a while may recognize the quaintly snarky or snarkily quaint banter of Ketil Nagel, a Swedish spectre who often finds himself in precarious peril.

You can find more adventures with Ketil and his friends in their debut novella.

Buy the Kindle version for $3.99

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LBRY is a decentralized content marketplace. I price the PDF versions of my work at approximately half of the Kindle price because I receive the entire amount rather than a royalty percentage. 

You can get a free LBRY account through this link. You can earn LBC for viewing content on LBRY as well as from selling your content.

In other news, I finally figured out how to create a link for my post to put on the linky list while scheduling the post to go live at a later date. I've only been using Blogger since 2006, People. Hoo boy...

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  1. I liked your little poem, especially the twist at the end.

    1. I wish I could take credit, but that one was written by Les Claypool and Larry LaLonde of the band Primus. :-)

  2. LOL on the earworm. Don't you hate that when it happens. Intrigued by this snippet. Don't kick yourself for the delay. 2020 has been a time warp for all of us.

    1. 2020 has been a particularly onerous episode of the Twilight Zone. Mr. Serling, could you call cut already? ;-)

  3. I wonder if he'll find the link he's looking for.

  4. Is it bad of me that totally the wrong image first came to mind at that song? :)

    1. Nah. I'm pretty sure they intended for that to happen when they wrote it like that! :-D

  5. The ending cracked me up. Who'd have thought Primus would have such enduring appeal?

  6. Way too many things came to mind with the "big brown beaver" line! But I enjoyed this snippet. Especially this Swedish spectre possibly judging the living.

  7. I did chuckle at the earworm. Every now again, when I'm in a rare mood and I think someone needs it, I will sing or hum to give them one.

    I just joined LBRY. I never knew they existed until tonight. :-)


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