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The Blurb
What's better than one fun, light-hearted story about adorably awkward guys and sexy, shape-shifting aliens? 

Four fun, light-hearted stories about adorably awkward guys and sexy, shape-shifting aliens!

What's better than getting these stories at an awesome low price?

Getting them free!

Find out how to grab your free copy of the first Carnal Invasion collection following the snippet!

You can read the previous snippet here.

The Snippet
The bodies of the gelatinous aliens bubbled, and a moment later, their appearances had shifted to that of two attractive women in their early twenties, clad in extremely tight-fitting silver mini dresses. Both had long platinum blonde hair, pale blue eyes, and translucent white skin.

“Is this acceptable, Terran?” one of the aliens asked in a monotone voice.

“Well, uh, close. Except you sound like a robot and you look like a couple of strippers or porn stars. Sorry, I’m afraid you went a little too deep into my unconscious and saw my masturbation material. You’re totally going to call attention to yourselves. You want to make your voice more like mine, except you want to sound more feminine if you’re going to appear to be female. Also, you want to look a little less like you’re starring in an X-rated version of Star Wars. Right, you don’t know what that is. Here, look into my mind again. I’ll give you a thought of a more realistic-looking girl.”

The aliens touched their fingers to Gandy’s temples. Their appearances shifted to that of two young women with long, dark blonde hair and blue eyes. They were now clad in innocuous attire.

From Tuesday 25 August 2020 thru Saturday 29 August 2020, you can grab the Kindle version of the first Carnal Invasion collection free. After August 29, it returns to its usual price of $3.99.

I am also giving away the PDF version of the collection on LBRY from Monday 24 August 2020 thru Saturday 29 August 2020. It will return to its normal price of 75 LBC (approximately $2.25) after August 29.

"But Ornery," you may be saying. "What if I don't want the other three stories in this collection? What if I just want Coming to Earth?"

I've got you covered.

Buy the Kindle version for 99 cents

Buy the PDF for 15 LBC

From Monday 24 August 2020 thru Saturday 29 August 2020, I am giving the PDF version of Coming to Earth away free as well. 

Why? Because I like you.

An LBC is a form of cryptocurrency. Over the past year, it has consistently been worth approximately $0.03. 

LBRY is a decentralized content marketplace. I price the PDF versions of my work at approximately half of the Kindle price because I receive the entire amount rather than a royalty percentage. 

You can get a free LBRY account through this link. You can earn LBC for viewing content on LBRY as well as from selling your content.

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  1. Goodness you are generous.
    I think that some men are unable to separate out their wanking images from reality which is why they are permanently disappointed. How sad, never mind.

  2. Interesting bit about the shape-changing aliens

  3. This is a very enjoyable, lighthearted scene. Way to go!


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