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The Blurb

When spoiled rich college boy Maxwell Bancroft decides to stop in at the XXX Show Club, he meets two sexy strippers who are literally out of this world.

The Snippet

In the last installment, readers met Max, a privileged playboy who put his straight-laced stepsister in a family way.

The money that Max had saved for a year to go to Europe and party like a rock star was now being used to pay his tuition at Pleasant State College, or, as Max called it, Pissant State College. Dad insisted that Max get his degree sooner rather than later now that he was going to be a father.

Wella wouldn’t hear of an abortion, her mother backed her up, and Dad backed up his new wife. Mom was busy banging some Aristotle Onassis wannabe on some Greek island and backed Dad up because she didn’t want to be bothered with Max’s admissibly self-created problems. Max attempted to enlist the help of his student adviser, but Jim Scott, a plebe if there ever was one, could barely conceal his mirth at what he evidently considered to be “poor little rich boy” problems.

Scott, a freckle-faced English major with an excessive quantity of wavy blond hair, eyes that looked like they might be limpid pools, whatever limpid pools were, and an aw-shucks grin, advised Max to join the Young Business Leaders group, as Max indicated that he would probably end up working for his father’s company in some capacity.

“It’s never too early to start networking,” Scott stated, going on to suggest that Max might want to join a fraternity. He then suggested that Maxwell’s scores on his ACT and SAT, combined with his barely passing high school grades indicated that Max should take remedial classes over the summer to build his scholastic skills and make a fresh start at school in the fall.

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  1. Obviously I am a pleb. I have less than no sympathy for him.

  2. I'm glad you did! Little rich boy's problems are about to get much more complicated, I gather...

  3. It sounds like Scott is the voice of reason. Also, of Scott's dad!

  4. Max sounds like a piece of work, and not in a good way. I hope those alien strippers teach him a lesson.

  5. No sympathy for poor little rich boy indeed

  6. What an interesting mix you have going on here.

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  7. I've often wondered what limpid pools are, too! I enjoy your excerpts.


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