Thirsty Thursday Xmahanukwanzyule Edition: A Trick of Fate


Rilpu contemplates her situation
Free use image by Robert Waghorn on Pixabay

A Trick of Fate

“Curses—the wizard has absconded through a gate,” Nyarlathotep expounded, gripping Rilpu’s hand and pulling her away from the crowded market. “We’ll not have much luck summoning Han in this arid place. Let us make for colder climes. I know an evergreen realm sure to bring a shiver to the bones. T’ is a place of frost and mittens where we can sit by a crackling fireplace and sip hot cocoa from festive mugs while planning our next move.”

Rilpu loved being in Nyarlathotep’s presence, but her practical side admonished her that she had nothing to gain by remaining with the notorious Cosmic Trickster. However, Nyarlathotep had given her far more than shimmering baubles and small gifts nestled in glitter-sprinkled wrapping paper. He could have used her secret desire for love against her, but he had behaved nobly, treating her as a sister. Rilpu believed that she could trust him.


Nyarlathotep is the creation of H.P. Lovecraft, initially appearing in his 1920 story of the same name.

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  1. I do hope she is right to give her trust, but wonder...

    1. Nyarlathotep has definitely earned the title of Cosmic Trickster. However, he does respect those who are genuine, and Rilpu is quite ingenuous.


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