Too Much is Not Enough: #MFRWsteam

The Blurb
When all-American rodeo cowboy Frank Hamilton meets an unusual young woman in the parking lot at his best buddy's roadhouse, he and his friends are in for a wilder ride than they could ever have imagined.

The Snippet
“You will always be my number one, but there is no way you can be the only one, Frank,” Jenny cautioned on their first night together.

“That’s all right, Darlin’,” Frank said confidently. “I ain’t a jealous guy. You’re one hell of a woman. I know there’s no way one man could keep up with you. You can tango with other fellas. Hell, it’s a little kinky, but it might even turn me on to watch. Just don’t never forget who’s taking you home. I’ve waited all my life for a girl like you, Jenny. I’m willing to sacrifice a little to make you happy.”

Sometimes those words were accurate. But sometimes Frank was overwhelmed with just how much energy Jenny needed every day.

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  1. Fun, Cie! You've got the cowboy drawl down perfectly.

  2. Watch our for that straw! It can scratch tender skin. I hope he brought a blanket.

  3. He's willing to share? Indeed. We'll see how long that lasts. Or maybe, they'll morph into a three-some arrangement?

  4. Hewas overwhelmed by how much energy Jenny required?? LOL!


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