Charity Sunday: Help with Tara's Medical Costs

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Tara is my 12-year-old cat. She has a condition called mast cell disease that causes tumors to form. The disease is usually confined to the skin and underlying tissue but can spread to the internal organs. Tara's internal organs are clear at this time.

She currently looks like a juvenile Skeksis because the surgical team at CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital had to shave her head to remove two tumors plus both mandibular lymph nodes. The tumors and right mandibular lymph node were relatively clear of metastatic material. Unfortunately, the left mandibular lymph node contained a large amount of metastatic material and so the veterinary team is recommending a round of chemotherapy. They feel that her prognosis for a normal lifespan is good if she has chemotherapy.

As you can imagine, this procedure will be costly. My son's and my savings have been wiped out by the cost of testing and surgery for Tara (around $2000 total) plus major repairs made to the household's only vehicle in April to the tune of $3500.

Currently, our household's only income is my disability payment of $1340 per month. This covers monthly bills and not much else. My son is high-functioning autistic and not able to work a conventional job. He receives no income. 

If anyone can or wishes to help with Tara's medical costs, I would be very grateful. My Paypal is

The description still says "editing and Tarot reading available at reasonable prices." In fairness, I haven't done editing for anyone but myself in a long time and I haven't done any Tarot reading in years, but if you'd like either service, email me at and put EDITING SERVICES or TAROT READING in all caps. I request a $25 donation for a Tarot reading or $1 per page for editing.

I am willing to write a promotional post at Readers Roost ( for anyone who makes a donation of $5 or more. The post will be shared on Twitter.

"Why not on Facebook, Cie?"

Facebook is a pain in the butt. It thinks that posts from Reader's Roost are "abusive" and it blocks them. Also, I get very little engagement from Facebook. Most of my traffic comes from Twitter links.

Here are other ways that you can help if you'd prefer not to make a direct donation.

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Please share this post and help us get Tara the treatment she needs. 

Your support means the world!


  1. Done. I wish it could be more, but our exchange rates are prohibitive.

    1. Anything helps, thank you so much!
      The international postal and exchange rates are ridiculous. I can't sell any non-digital items outside of the U.S. because the postal rates for such are ludicrous.

  2. Sent you a contribution to Tara's recovery via PayPal. Your kitties are lovely. Even Tara in her current state. Hugs to you all.

    1. Thank you so much. She makes an adorable Skeksis although she is actually a Trash Panda. I've never seen a cat that likes to get into the trash as much as she does.


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