Thirsty Thursday: The Party: Small Voices and Grownup Glimpses


Free use image by Emily Wills Photography on Pixabay

The limp body of a girl in early adolescence lay supported against the massive roots of a Terqrix tree in the Okruiks Botanical Garden behind the grand palace of Os’aen, home to West Zecor’s ruling family. Her form-fitting red dress and heavy makeup made her appear older than her true age. The glamorous red pumps that matched her dress had been kicked off as she ran.

The girl’s hair partially covered her distressed face. Spectral hands reached from the ground and gently caressed her shoulders, arms, and legs, subtly repositioning her to make her more comfortable as disembodied voices whispered into the night air.

Nonzels strets mesa, Ondina. Elphean rihno. Mukves huz’e shomox.”

We love you, Ondina. Don’t give up. Help is coming.


This is the first segment of a new chapter for my WIP "The Downfall of Ondina".

Wowzers, Cie, this is great! Where can I find the rest of it?

Happy to help, Random Enthusiast!

You can find the entire chapter in these places:

I'm honestly brand new to this platform. I believe you can just tip how ya like and you'll be able to read the full chapter. If that isn't the case, let me know.

Tip $5 for the chapter, or subscribe for $5 per month for access to all work published on Ko-Fi.

I kissed and made up with Odysee. There was no tongue.

Buy the PDF on Odysee for 15 LBC (approximately $0.45). What a deal!

Become a Naughty Netherworld Cultist for just $5 per month and get access to WIP chapters as they happen.

My new chapters usually appear on Reedsy a week after submission. I've never had one rejected yet, but I make no guarantees. My work on Reedsy is free to read. If you read something and enjoy it, I'd appreciate it if you'd do me a solid and spread the Naughty Nether-Word.

I'll see myself out now.

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