Insecure Writers Support Group 7 July 2021


Well, what do you know? Here I am a day late and a dollar short, like usual.

This month's question:
What would make you quit writing?

I may have already come to that point. 

I'm tired as hell of knowing my work will never find an audience because I'm just a huge weirdo who is going to write what I like to write regardless of whether it's popular or not. 

I have tried time and again to write according to a formula and every time I end up going back to writing what I want.

I'm tired of the things I write being torn apart so I end up hating them.

I initially liked this story after I wrote it. After everyone else got through picking it apart, I came to hate it.

I think I'm there. I think I'm done. 

My stories will die with me, and neither will be missed.


  1. Picked apart? I had to go back and check. The comments were positive.
    I hear you though. On the rare occasions I create something I often dislike it (too close to it?) for quite some time.
    I suspect that writing is integral to who you are, and hope you do continue.

  2. My writing has always supported me, and given me purpose. I'm quite a private person, so sharing my work has always been difficult because I feel nobody would understand it. But now, with kids of my own, I want to leave them something that will last long after I'm gone. That's why I could never stop writing.

    I also like the first or early drafts of things I write, and I always write those for myself. Later drafts written for publication always feel lesser in some way.

    Best of luck with your words. May they bring you joy in the end.


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