Insecure Writers Support Group 1 September 2021


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September 1 question - 

How do you define success as a writer? 

Is it holding your book in your hand? 

Having a short story published? 

Making a certain amount of income from your writing?

Technically, these are questions, plural. 

I will stop being pedantic now and do my worst.

1) How do I define success as a writer?

Hell if I know. I'll let you know when it happens.

2) Is it holding your book in your hand?

I would have to hold my computer. I only publish e-books at this time.

3) Having a short story published?

I publish a new story every month. I don't define my abilities as a writer based on whether or not someone else will publish my work.

4) Making a certain amount of income from your work?

If I depended on income to define my worth as a writer, I'd give up writing and become an alcoholic. I'll start looking at my royalties if they ever amount to enough to make me notice them.

And there you have it. I told you I'd do my worst.

Ornery Owl Has Spoken

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  1. Success is one of the most loaded words I know.
    However, I think that your success (and I do count it that way) is that you keep writing - despite the shit that life flings at you.

  2. If depended solely on income to measure writing success I would end up giving writing up too. You have to really like the act of writing to make it worth your time and energy which it does take a lot of both.


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