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M/M erotica, sci-fi

3000 words (approximate)

Mature Content Advisory:
The following snippet is spicy and contains mucho manly lust. If that sort of thing really is not your bag, Baby, please avoid this snippet.

As Peregrine Varga slips deeper into the shadows of his past with his possessive and controlling first love, executive clone Lèandre Anandi Bruhn, shocking truths are revealed. Can Peregrine ever break free of his dark past, or is he doomed to remain enslaved to Lèandre—and to Finn Storm—forever?
The Cloned Heat Cliffhangers are usually short, spicy tidbits. This installment is a full novella in honor of Halloween, the best-loved holiday for writers and lovers of tough but tender bad boys and wicked and wanton villains. 

Read the preceding six-sentence snippet shared with Rainbow Snippets if you wish.


Daniel possessed a slender yet muscular physique, a flawless cappuccino complexion, glorious hazel eyes sparkling with gold and green flecks, and luscious cocoa curls streaked with candy apple red. His silky brown nipples reminded Peregrine of the decadent chocolate confections that Lèandre so enjoyed, and he blushed as he found himself hoping that Lèandre might notice his attraction to Daniel and decide that he’d like to watch his beloved boy toy play dirty with the delicious tattoo artist.

Lèandre noticed the way his young lover licked his lips as he appreciated the scantily clad ink-master’s smooth, muscular body. A mischievous gleam sparkled in his eyes as he ran his finger teasingly over Peregrine’s left shoulder.

“What brand shall we mark you with, ma belle Peregrine?” Lèandre inquired. “Shall we have this fuckable tidbit emblazon your flesh with a sign declaring you the property of Lèandre Anandi Bruhn so that none can mistake who your master is?”

“You are my master, my beloved Lèandre,” Peregrine replied. “I will always declare it proudly. But I think that something artistic would be more appropriate to our love than a blatant sign. Why don’t we ask the artist what he thinks? He is the expert, after all.”

“Yes, that he is,” Lèandre agreed as he fastened a leather collar with a heart-shaped lock around Peregrine’s neck. “He looks to be multitalented. I hope to see his pretty mouth wrapped around your cock before the evening is out. Ah, but there is time enough for plenty of fucking later. The night is young. What do you think, ma gourmandise? What image do you think would convey the bond between myself and my best-loved concubine?”

“I think an ornate letter L here on his shoulder surrounded by flowers and enhanced by lavish lines and swirls,” the soft-spoken artisan suggested. “This will represent best the beautiful bond of love and commitment between you.”

“Then let it be done,” Lèandre concurred. “If I like it well enough, I will allow you to experience ma belle Peregrine’s erotic gifts for yourself tonight. Enjoy, but mind that you do not forget to whom he belongs, oui?”

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This story is a Halloween special WIP that I will be working on through October with an early to mid-November release date.

You can purchase all nine hot Cloned Heat Cliffhangers for your erotica collection, or read them free with Kindle Unlimited. 

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  1. Yum! Delicious indeed!

    Thanks for joining the Steam Hop fun, Cie!

  2. cappuccino complexion, hazel eyes, cocoa curls, candy apple red, decadent chocolate - what's not to love? Enticing!

  3. Such passion between these two - incredible.

  4. Hot men described, insinuation of lots of sex between them? Yes please! And tattoos, which I adore? Sigh.


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