Terrible Twofer: IWSG and Writers Pantry


Greetings, Victims! Today I am wrecking the writing world by answering two questions.

If you are the sort of person who is easily offended by profanity, I would suggest avoiding this post, this blog, and pretty much anything written by me at any time ever.

The first question is from the Insecure Writers’ Support Group.

In your writing, where do you draw the line, with either topics or language?

If by “language” you mean cussing, there is no fucking line.

Not all of my stories contain copious swearage, believe it or not, but when it comes to colorful language, I don’t hold back. However, to every cuss word there is a season, and I am not going to fill a family-friendly story with foul language.

Does it surprise you to learn that I write family-friendly stories?

Well, I absolutely fucking do!

Granted, I usually write for an adult audience, but I am currently gathering illustrations for a family-friendly story that I wrote in 2018 called “Ed’s Red Wheelbarrow.” It’s the story of a misunderstood vampire.

As far as topics go, there really is no line there either. I write erotica (which does not get mixed up in my family-friendly stories) and I endeavor to make it clear that all smutty activity in my not-so-family-friendly stories is consensual.

I don’t draw the line at any topic because I think it’s necessary to be able to talk about any topic. For instance, I had a story rejected because the main antagonist was a horrible racist. I personally don’t think it’s sufficient to just say “Mr. Smurkwhittle was a horrible racist who chased jailbait.”

The character was horrible, and the story is more effective if I can allow him to be despicable and offensive. The jailbait he was chasing turned out to be an ancient vampire from beyond the stars.

The second question is from Poets and Storytellers United.

Why do you write and share?

Given that I’m entirely aware of the fact that my writing is an acquired taste that most people don’t have sufficient taste to acquire, I would have to say that it’s because:

A) I'm too pig-headed to quit while I'm behind

B) I enjoy torturing my audience.

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~Ornery Owl Has Spoken~

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  1. Well said. I think the villain should do horrible things and believe terrible things. That is what makes them a villain!

  2. The title of your blog would make it pretty obvious to readers, but you never know how people stumble upon your work. Your vampire children's book sounds great. Happy writing, uncensored!
    Mary at Play off the Page

  3. Hello Cie! Very provocative post for some, but I agree, your protagonist can be racist if he wants. That's pretty representative in this world. But these days, it's difficult to get anything published unless you publish it yourself, with all the work that entails. As for swearing, whatever your characters need to say needs to be said. For that reason, my characters swear as I'm sure they would in real life.

    Saw your comment on WEP. I'm sorry that you've been hurt by some comments on your entries. We do try to monitor what's being said, but some slip through. It happens more than you think. But it's never okay as we like to think we're a supportive community, which we generally are, but we do from time to time have people leave comments which are hard for writers to take. I'm dreadfully sorry that such a long standing member would leave because of it. I can only say a sincere sorry for not seeing those comments. I usually come by early then return at least once, but wouldn't see everything.

    I hope you'll reconsider and next time, let me know if someone leaves a hurtful comment and I will take action.

    Thank you for supporting WEP all these years and also for your monthly Roost Recommendations. You're a legend.

    1. Hi Denise.
      Thank you very much. It would have been too much work for me this time to create yet another story as I'm already working on a poem a day plus the Deathlehem story. I'm giving a nod to the prompt at the end of the story because it was instrumental to the idea. The first thousand words of my story don't have a clear beginning-middle-end scheme, so they wouldn't really have worked and I can only imagine the field day that people would have had with it.
      I may come back and give a bash at the Narcissus prompt in December. I appreciate your kindness.
      Admissibly, I can be overly sensitive at times. Perhaps the comments that people made on my last story wouldn't have fazed someone with a tougher hide. I was feeling pretty vulnerable at the time. I've been trying to work through some issues the roots of which go back decades. For me, writing isn't just a craft, it's a form of therapy, and when people tear my work down it becomes personal.

  4. Please, please continue to "B) I enjoy torturing my audience."

    Especially through the WEP. We need writers like you!!!!!

    1. Thank you Yolanda. It would have been one thing too many for me this time anyway. I may consider giving things a go with the December prompt.

  5. Great post! Bad guys need to be allowed to be bad guys, and we need to be able to write about difficult and painful topics. I understand that people have topics they find uncomfortable or triggering, but it's frustrating to be told, Don't submit a story that portrays [sensitive topic], when [sensitive topic] is something that happens to real people all the time.

    1. Thank you, Janet. I submitted the story for the Reedsy prompt, which had previously accepted all of my submissions, although I certainly never won the prize. I was frustrated by the fact that this prompt had accepted a story where the female protagonist's intimate activities involving a computer-linked vibrator were being spied on by a man in a remote location but my work featuring a nasty racist and ephebophile who gets his come-uppance when the object of his lusts is revealed to be an eldritch vampire was rejected although it contained no graphic descriptions of sexual or violent activities.


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