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Image by kordula vahle from Pixabay

Author: Lil DeVille

Genre: Erotica

Rating: Adults Only

Heat Rating: Nuclear Blast (5 flames)

Romance Rating: Erotic Romance, ménage à trois, bisexual romance

Pairings: M/M, F/F/M, M/M/M, mixed group

Candi knew hot things went on behind closed doors at the Pearl Beach Resort. After all, the place was owned by bisexual billionaire playboy Boris van Donk. Boris had a reputation for taking on all comers. Candi's family of origin was strictly religious, and she has never given or received more than a chaste kiss in her 21 years of life. Between bad-boy Boris and her geeky, fun-loving, porn-writing housemates, an awakening of her desires is inevitable. 


Two women and a man, all in their early twenties, sat in a remote spot on the sands of Pearl Beach Resort. The resort was located on Fire Isle, a small body of land in the Caribbean sea, approximately 45 miles west of St. Lucia. 

Twenty-one-year-old Candida Peters, known to her friends as Candi, was the baby of the trio. She was a sweet-faced young Caucasian woman with shoulder-length, cinnamon-colored hair and warm hazel eyes. Just five feet two inches tall, Candi lamented the seeming imbalance between her modest bust, curvy hips, and thick thighs. No matter how much she dieted and exercised, her lower half never became svelte enough for her liking.

There isn't room for explanation in this snippet, but I want to clarify that I see no fault in a body shaped like Candi's. Her insecurities echo those I had at her age. I developed an eating disorder at twelve which I still struggle with at almost 60 years old. All bodies are good bodies and I find it outrageous the way diet culture and advertising promote disordered eating. 

How to have a Bikini Body:
Buy a bikini.
Put it on your body.

Buy Links
None yet. This story is a WIP. I am creating it for submission to the Naughty November prompt from Cobblestone Press. If they don't want it, I'll publish it myself. This is a story with lots of potential subplots. 

Submissions between 10,000 and 40,000 words are due by August 1.

They are looking for erotic romance or erotica, Ménage or BDSM.

They have several submission categories and accept manuscripts year-round.

That's about it for now! Happy naughty writing!

Love, Lil


  1. I love the snippet, the photos and the advice on having a bikini body!

    Thanks for joining in the Steam Hop!

  2. True, all females are beautiful in a bikini--or anything else, or nothing, for that matter. All males are sexy also. It's just that MADison Ave. ad folks want us to all feel inadequate, so we'll think we need to buy their products or we'll never get laid--or find true love. BS!

  3. Many never like certain parts of their bodies. Tweeted.


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