Back from Beyond the Literary Grave: Tidbit Tuesday


I can't be arsed to update the text on the evil ice cream cone right now. Horror Harridans Writing Sisterhood was my old blog. It got overrun by spammers. 

I'm probably not the best person to host a blog hop, but I can't find any blog hops specific to horror and weird fiction. Most of the blog hops I'm involved with prefer some variety of romance. That's fine for Lil DeVille, although to be fair, much of her writing should be confined to the MFRW Steam Hop ( or to Charity Sunday, both of which are hosted by the brilliantly steamy Lisabet Sarai (

C. L. Hart, on the other hand, is a bit out of place everywhere. This is the story of my life, but perhaps I can carve out a home for myself. If anyone else shows up, fine. If nobody else shows up, that's more drinks and snacks for me!

The idea of the Tidbit Tuesday blog hop is to share spooky, chilling, and/or strange stories. The story doesn't have to be in the horror genre. Snippets from a paranormal romance are fine. Erotica is fine. I'm really not that picky, however, the story should have some sort of spooky or supernatural element. I'd say you're even welcome to share your Supernatural fan fiction with the caveat that I don't do Destiel. 

Seriously, fan fiction is welcome in the Tidbit Tuesday blog hop. Spooky, tense, or otherwise atmospheric is preferred over slash. The Evil Ice Cream Cone is not a literary snob. Fan fiction is real writing. Published or unpublished works are invited to the party. Bring what ya got, just make it spooky and/or weird!

I don't have a Mr. Linky or anything fancy like that. Just share your link in the comments. I'll try to get to them in a timely fashion with the caveat that I am very busy and sometimes my anxiety gets the better of me. Here are some snacks in case I'm not around to answer the door.

Q. How long should the snippets be, Ornery?
A. Use your discretion. A few sentences, a paragraph, a chapter. It's up to you. 

Q. Can I include buy links for my story in my post?
A. Absolutely! It's all about you and your story. Promote away!

Q. Can I use the Tidbit Tuesday logo?
A. Yep. Please provide a link back to this blog. I appreciate it!

Q. Can I share steamy snippets?
A. Steam away, Darlin'! So long as the story contains spooky elements, we're good. Please put a warning in your comment letting everyone know your snippet is explicit in case they aren't down with reading erotica. In fact, if your snippet includes over-the-top gore, violence, or disturbing material, please post a content warning. Thank you!

Q. Are you really a round owl? Or are you in fact an evil ice cream cone?
That's for me to know and you to guess.

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