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Hi Folks,
If you are looking to diversify your affiliate marketing possibilities, the adult products market is one to consider. Gone are the days when a person felt the need to don a wig and paint on a fake beauty mark to slink into a sleazy back-alley store of ill repute to purchase items for erotic enjoyment. Okay, maybe most of you are bolder than I am, but I always felt embarrassed by buying items for adult needs over the counter, and I know I am not alone.
Fortunately, thanks to reputable online sites such as Eden Fantasys, the shy among us no longer need suffer the humiliation of having a smirking clerk give us the once-over. We can order adult products from the privacy of our own home. Or, if you're the editor-in-chief of Naughty Netherworld Press like I am, you can research the toys the mature and randy characters in your crew's Smut-O-Verse might enjoy without being exposed to the kinds of cringe-worthy images a random Google search will surely expose you to. Unfortunately, I have not yet found a brain bleach that will entirely eradicate such images.

So, if you have an adult-oriented blog, an affiliate blog that would be amenable to advertising adult products, an explicit fan fiction blog, or are an editor, publisher, and promoter for authors of fine Kindle smut, you will want to consider adding Eden Fantasys to your affiliate arsenal.
You will need to sign up for an account with Eden Fantasys, which is easy to do. You can even sign in with your Facebook, Amazon, or Google Plus account. I signed in with my Amazon account. You will then go to this page to generate your affiliate link. In the box which asks who referred you, please input this code:
This is my affiliate code. You will get your own after you join.
You can generate widgets or text links to share on your blog.
Or, if you are a bolder sort than I am, you may want to throw parties and invite friends to check out Eden Fantasys products in person. I've always been pretty shy. My main activities at parties back when I had the energy to go to them were hiding in the corner and drinking beer.
Whatever the case, legitimate adult product sites like Eden Fantasys can add an additional affiliate revenue stream to your arsenal. 


Carnal Invasion IV is (ahem) UP for Grabs For A Limited Time

Hello, everyone! I'm excited to announce that the fourth book in Lil's spicy sci-fi erotica series, Carnal Invasion, is up for grabs! More truths are revealed about the hot-to-trot spacefaring race from Gamma Iridon, and nerdy scientist Tzu He gets the ride of his life from two of their finest.
Lil's serial isn't just scorchingly sexy, it is a clever, tongue-in-cheek tribute to classic 60's sci-fi and 70's exploitation flicks. Her characters are dynamic and varied rather than being just cookie-cutter blonde sexpots and muscled hunks. Her writing leaves audiences wondering what's (ahem) coming next, and from September 14 - September 18, you can find out for free!
Free is a damn good price for a hearty slice of sizzling erotica! Don't miss out on your chance to include the latest in this steamy series in your collection at no cost, only on Kindle.
As a reminder, the books of Naughty Netherworld Press are intended for adults over 18 only.

Editor In Chief
Naughty Netherworld Press

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