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M/M erotica, sci-fi


While fleeing fearsome Pingucury raiders, hunky roughnecks Iker Macauley and Peregrine Varga encountered Ohannes Hertz, a pleasure clone left for dead at Lord Gabriel Blackwood's ranch. The grateful Ohannes offered the pair a place to hide and refresh themselves, and the trio became intimately acquainted.

Iker and Peregrine hope to get Ohannes to the safety of the monastery before they return to company headquarters for their new assignment, but their mission is interrupted by a group of randy renegade soldiers under the command of the rogue general Darden Bissette. 

Finn Storm is an amphibious pleasure clone created by Bissette to fulfill his merman fantasies. Finn is full of surprises and Ohannes swiftly falls under the seductive siren's spell.


“Ohannes is certainly naïve, but we don’t know what kind of bond he had with Blackwood. He might have been the old boy’s numero uno.”

“I know that Pretty Boy wants to rescue Blackwood, and I hope the monks can talk him out of it.”

Iker peeked into the suite. Ohannes was putting on a pair of black stone earrings shaped like stars. The willowy young man ran his finger over a pair of glimmering golden cufflinks. A black stone carved in the shape of a letter G adorned one cufflink and a letter B adorned the other.

“Put ‘em in your carrying bag and let’s scat,” Iker commanded. “We ain’t got all day to traipse down memory lane, Babycakes.”

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The Hops
I started out strong visiting blog hops this week but fell off track because I was working on a new Cloned Heat installment inspired by one of the Reedsy prompts. I ended up creating a (relatively) clean segment for Reedsy, followed by an explicit double feature. Both are currently available only on LBRY. The story is out of chronological order and I can't say when it will be published on Amazon. 

I'm excited about this story, except that now I still have to create Cloned Heat III for March publication. Agh!

Instead of featuring the entire first chapter from Cloned Heat II for the March MFRW Steam hop, I intend to share the entire first chapter from General Bissette's A.I.'s as a special surprise. This will annoy some, delight others, and the majority probably won't give a toss either way. 

The banner was created on Pixlr with a free-use image by Gerd Altmann on Pixabay.

You can purchase the full, uncensored version of The A.I.s of General Bissette here for 30 LBC (approximately $0.60):

Or you can grab just the non-explicit portion of the story here for 15 LBC (approximately $0.45).

Somebody stop me! In my next life, I need a brain that works sensibly.


  1. I wonder if Pretty Boy will rescue Blackwood. I like the imagery and the banter.

  2. I think the guys are right--they need to scat! If they don't clear out soon, more trouble will surely follow them :-)

  3. Naïve, yes. And sentimental. Probably not a good idea to wear his master's jewelry. Would he get arrested?

  4. Ohannes clearly has feelings for Lord Blackwood. I wonder how it will impact his development.

  5. Ohannes seems to be a bit disassociuated from the current reality LOL. Good thing the others are there to hurry him up. Great snippet, loved the details of the jewelry.

  6. Iker's words go a long way to characterize and show his opinion of Ohnanes.

  7. I'm eager to learn moreabout Finn. Who abandones a pleasure clone?

  8. Love the snippet. And I'm very curious about Pretty Boy.

  9. Aww, I hope he was cherished as much as he seems to love Blackwood.


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