Do the Dude: MFRW Blog Challenge Week 38


Do I do the dude?

If I didn't have the libido of a flat tire lying on the side of the road collecting dust, I would do the dude, because that is how I'm wired. But this isn't about my sexual orientation or my dead-in-the-water libido that I don't want to revive and would straight-up kill anyone attempting to resuscitate it.

The question for this week's MFRW Blog Challenge is:

Week 38: MM Books: write them? Read them? Why or why not?

The later books in the Carnal Invasion series have a lot of man to man action in them. I definitely write M-M.

Most of my M-M reading has been in the fan fiction department. And yes, I do ship the above ship. As a wise soul said, those guys do not have a brotherly vibe.

Regarding romance, I often like reading M-M romance better than M-F. It may be just as full of tropes and cliches, but to my untrained eye, they aren't quite as glaring. M-M seems more authentic.

So, the answer to this week's question is yes and yes.

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  1. I care not which way the action swings. It needs to be well written and tropes need to concealed or at least not punching me in the face predictable.
    And I flatly refuse to read works where violence (sexual, physical, emotional) is painted as acceptable/justifiable. Other than that? Open slather.

  2. I laughed out lol'ed at your title! My writing start was also in fanfiction. One of may fave MM ships was Anne Rice's Louis and Lestat. Thanks for sharing!


  3. I also think Anne Rice's books are so very sensual, and for either gender. There's somehow something freeing about MM relationships over MF. Don't know what it is.

  4. I think the tropes are different in M/M romance. Plus there's the whole added "forbidden romance" ala Romeo and Juliet vibe--only now it's Romeo and Tybalt! Ponder on that for a while. LOL.

    And like one of your commenters said, I don't like pain with my sex. Just give me pleasure, please. Keep the scares and bloody mess to yourself.


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