Jenni Enzor: ISWG: The Critique Sandwich

Jenni Enzor: ISWG: The Critique Sandwich: I once heard a local author, who won an Oregon Book Award, speak. During the Q & A, someone asked him about getting critiques on his...

I try to do the sandwich thing myself. I remember one occasion when I was participating in a generally friendly writing competition and one person was rude to me early on in the comments. I was a bit salty and sarcastic with her because of her tone with me but I left it at that. 

It was like blood in the water though, because a bunch of other commenters jumped on me, insulting my work. It got so bad that one of the group's organizers called people out on their behavior. It reminded me of being back in school. I've never had anything like that happen again. I have to say, I'm still salty about it.


  1. And so you should be. It was an atrocious breach of agreed behaviour.

    1. At this point the event mostly leaves me scratching my head. I guess I can only hope that the people involved learned a lesson, although I have to admit to having very little faith in human nature.


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