Naughty Netherworld News/Come as You Are Party 4 April 2021

 Happy Easter/Ostara for those who celebrate such. I was feeling a bit sad last night remembering how much my father loved Easter. My brother and I colored eggs the day before using the Paas kit which is apparently still out there. We had egg salad coming out of our ears for the next week because there were always two dozen eggs. We never did the Easter egg hiding thing because my mother didn't want to wind up finding a smelly egg behind the couch two weeks later. We just woke in the morning to Easter baskets that the Easter bunny had kindly brought us and filled with the eggs that we colored.

My son's 30 now and has no children and my brother lives in Arizona and has no children. Somehow, coloring eggs by myself doesn't hold a lot of appeal but maybe my son and I will do it for a lark next year, especially if his friend from Arizona ends up moving in with us. We've started composting so it might be fun to see the brightly colored shells amidst the compost. Apparently, I'm easily amused.

On to literary triumphs and frustrations. Those who have known me for a while know that I do NaPoWriMo and the Writers Digest April PAD challenge every year and sometimes I combine them with Camp NaNoWriMo. So, I'm waxing poetic while still trying to finish editing and formatting my poetry anthology from last fall AND the second book in the Tales from the Dreamlands series. I'm also continuing to create new material for the Tales from the Dreamlands series AND a new Cloned Heat story each month.

Some of you may know that LBRY is shutting down its original platform and switching its base of operations over to its offshoot, Odysee. I don't know why they want to do that, but they didn't ask me. Once I learned how to upload a PDF using Odysee's system (it's simple but not obvious) I figured it wouldn't be more than a minor inconvenience to update the URLs from LBRY to Odysee as LBRY had already transferred all their files to Odysee. However, I discovered an unforeseen frustration.

When I went onto the Naughty Netherworld Press channel on Odysee, I couldn't find any of my previously uploaded Cloned Heat books. Nor could I find my recently uploaded WIP chapter which I had voluntarily flagged as mature, not because it had any graphic sex scenes in it but because it contained subject matter that was potentially disturbing even if it wasn't described in detail.

Researching the situation led me to discover that Odysee is HIDING all mature subject matter. It exists, but if you don't know the URL where it exists, fuck you. Even if you created it.

This is a real Tumblr move and certainly doesn't seem in keeping with the idea of an open-source platform that celebrates free speech. Look, I don't want to see thumbnails with straight-up naked ass in my video suggestions, but, guess what, I still see it anyway, because exploiting conventionally attractive young women is always in fashion. As long as there's a thong bikini lodged in the butt crack and as long as the thumbnail doesn't lead to porn, it's not mature, it's just clickbait. The sexist double standard is alive and well. I know this because I never see any phantom Man-Ass in the thumbnails.

The whole thing really irritates me, because I was a big proponent of the LBRY model. It allowed me a way to publish my work where I can price the material as I see fit. Since I receive the full payment rather than royalty, I can cut potential readers a good deal. It's a win-win for everyone. I'll probably continue to utilize Odysee for my non-erotica projects, but it frustrates me that I can't continue using it for the erotica projects. I flagged them with a mature tag, which is the correct thing to do, and which is why I now am unable to find them. 

I'm not sure why we now have a plethora of platforms catering to pseudo-puritanism rather than to discerning adults. This pseudo-puritanism is not preventing children from finding pornographic websites and it isn't stopping child porn. All it's doing is punishing people who weren't doing anything out of line in the first place.

Setting my rant aside, I am racing to finish writing, editing, and formatting Cloned Heat IV for upload (and, hopefully, approval) on Amazon in time for this month's MFRW Steam hop ( and MFRW Author tweet day.

I've decided that I'm only going to participate in the MFRW hops once a month. I haven't been a very good participant lately because I'm overwhelmed, and I feel bad about that. I release the new Cloned Heat serials to coincide with the Steam hop, and MFRW participants tend to prefer longer snippets, so I can share the full first chapter of the new book. 

The Weekend Writing Warriors, Snippet Sunday, and Rainbow Snippets blog hops tend to be a bit more flexible, although at this time I may only be sharing the lead-in post for the big Cloned Heat First Chapter Reveal with Rainbow Snippets. This group is for LGBT authors and stories. My characters have varied sexual preferences. I'm a boring ole pasty-faced middle-aged vanilla straight lady. 

If you want to participate in Rainbow Snippets, head over to They're a nice, small group and new participants are always welcome.

Anyway, if you'd like to receive the new Cloned Heat books as they're released, they're always free from Kindle Unlimited. You can also support Yours Truly by signing up for any tier on my Patreon. Yes, even the $1 per month tier gets you a fresh new Cloned Heat story, plus shout-outs for you and your website, blog, or one of your books. You can check it out at

That's about it for this time. My Internet is being really extra this morning, as in, extra annoying. I've had to restart my mellow background music video three times because it keeps cutting out. We're with a small local provider, Blue Lightning. When they're good they're really good. In fact, they're more reliable than Comcast overall. But a few months ago they had a critical router failure and didn't have the spare parts on hand. So, we were without internet service for an entire weekend, which is really annoying when you depend on the Internet for your livelihood.

I'm hoping to get more subscribers for my newsletter. Thank you to Lisabet and Teresa for taking the plunge!

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I was sorry to see that Open Clipart Vectors seem to have left Pixabay. I really liked their silly round animals.


  1. I haven't heard of any of those platforms, but am sorry the one you liked is gone. There are sooo many out there, I wonder how readers find books? Good luck!

    1. Odysee's not gone. Only the links to material that I marked as "mature." I can't find them, even on my dashboard. Other Odysee users have had the same problem.
      Odysee was an offshoot of LBRY, where I had previously published. LBRY is being abandoned in favor of Odysee. The links transferred from LBRY to Odysee, but then the ones that were marked "mature" disappeared.
      They're doing a similar thing to what Tumblr did in 2017, and it's frustrating.
      Most readers find books on platforms like Amazon. I feel like I'm selling my soul every time I publish with them, but, at this point, it's not like I have enough renown to be picky.


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