First Look Friday: Superstition and Tradition: An Unexpected Feast


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Superstition and Tradition

An Unexpected Feast

As Little John, Ketil, and Yitzy made their way to the second story of the House of Lost Dreams, they came upon an illuminated ballroom with a long table containing a preponderance of food fit for both the living and the Undead. They stood outside the doorway pondering the situation.

“I has reason to believe that Nyarlathotep has conjured this feast for us,” the snarky Swedish spectre mused. “Only an idiot would think otherwise. However, I cannot fathom why he chose an American Thanksgiving feast. None of us is American, and Yitzy is not even from Earth.”

“Should we investigate, Ketil?” Little John wondered. “Surrounded by the Dorothy Lamour frame, the va va voom looks loike a beautiful paintin' of a diamond feast. Of course, it could 'eaven and 'ell be a trap.”

“I imagine that it is a test of some sort even if not a trap as such,” Yitzy surmised. “I find it odd that although there are only three of us the place is set to accommodate several hundred guests.”

“We could give it a pass,” Little John proposed. “It does seem a bit much, which increases the bloomin' chances of it bein' a trap, daan't ya fin'?”

“I think that this overly opulent setting is quite on brand for Nyarlathotep,” Ketil replied. “Although he prides himself on being in tune with the inner motivation of those with whom he is fucking, he is used to setting traps for greedy arseholes what craves excess. Thus, he sees fit to bludgeon us with more food than we could consume within a month, forgetting that Yitzy and I do not even need to eat. Well, since he went to the trouble of conjuring this feast, I suppose it would be impertinent of us not to content ourselves with this plethora of provisions.”

“Perhaps something in this room will prove to be a catalyst for our mission,” Yitzy surmised.

“Either that or we must content ourselves to realize that we shall keep being pulled on a thread by the Cosmic Trickster, his equally manipulative daughter, and a vampire goddess whose greatest pleasure is draining the life from her victims,” Ketil mused. “Perhaps Nyarlathotep has been kind enough to leave us a tablet upon which to compose our clever plans. Or perhaps he leaved an arrow somewhere in the room with a sign declaring ‘the key to the third lock is this way.’ I have a desire to be propelling that beastly vase on that platform at his head, or to turn into an eagle and fly away from this house of insane fuckery.”

“Be careful wot ya say abaht wantin' ter turn into summit else, China Plate,” Little John cautioned. “Rilpu thought it would be sugar and spice ter 'ave German Bands and bacon and eggs, and she went and turned from a Joe Blake into a 'uman-like twist n twirl.”


Nyarlathotep is the creation of H.P. Lovecraft, initially appearing in his 1920 story of the same name.

October Spooky Writing Challenge: Superstition

Putting My Feet in the Dirt

Reedsy Prompts

Write about someone telling their family that they won’t be continuing in the long-standing family business.

This story was submitted to the Reedsy Weekly Writing Contest on 27 November 2020.

The Daily Spur: Idiot

Fandango’s One-Word Challenge: Impertinent

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Ragtag Daily Prompt: Preponderance

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  1. A very different take on the prompts. And without doubt it is a trap.

  2. Masterful use of all prompts wow!


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