The Truth About Jenny: #MFRWsteam

The Blurb
When all-American rodeo cowboy Frank Hamilton meets an unusual young woman in the parking lot at his best buddy's roadhouse, he and his friends are in for a wilder ride than they could ever have imagined.

The Snippet
Jenny wasted no time revealing the truth about herself to Frank. The invasion force targeting Earth had been wiped out by unexpected space junk. A few pods were released, which fell in various locations across the planet. Jenny wondered if Frank would help her. Looking into her hypnotic lavender eyes, his mind was filled with visions of this impossibly perfect woman pleasing him in amazing ways, and he agreed immediately to assist her.

Frank realized that there was no way his services would be enough for Jenny. He had always prided himself on not being the jealous type. He was a good-looking guy, the epitome of the all-American boy. He stood six feet one, had a lean but muscular build with biceps that the girls just loved to squeeze and defined chest and abs that were the result of disciplined daily training. He had wavy blond hair, dark blue eyes, and even when his peers were struggling with acne during adolescence, he had remained remarkably clear-skinned. Frank Hamilton was all that, but he could never be enough for the woman he couldn’t get enough of.

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  1. Frank realised he was not enough? Now that is impressive. And rare.

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  3. So she's the alien and he's not sure he'll be enough to satisfy her? Nice. I like that power dimension for sure!

  4. What is it about biceps that makes us want to squeeze them?


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