FOAD Thursday: Amazon Woes (Again)


Once again, the insufferable fucknuggets at Amazon can FOAD

Since the nit-pickers Amazon are a bunch of insufferable twats, it appears that I have to publish my Lovecraftian fiction on a different platform. At this point, I'll probably just sell the PDFs through Odysee. 

I always properly credit my sources. I never claim that characters such as Nyarlathotep are my creations. Furthermore, at this point, Lovecraft's work is in the public domain. He wrote the poem Nathicana in 1919 and the short story Nyarlathotep in 1920. That is over 100 years ago.

These works are done in appreciation of a longtime favorite author. 

Will I have to ask Edgar Allan Poe's permission to reference ravens in future stories?

I always feel like I'm selling my soul whenever I publish to Amazon anyway.

Ornery Owl is miffed
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  1. Miffed is no doubt a serious understatement. One which Amazon would try and tell you that the English have the copyright for.
    Hiss and spit.

    1. I rather doubt the review team even knows who Lovecraft is. They only know that they've heard the name and these days all they know is that he was a Nazi because everyone they don't like is literally Hitler.
      For those who are unaware, Lovecraft was not a Nazi. He died before Hitler rose to power. He was a very neurotic American author who was raised in bizarre circumstances by a racist, alcoholic father who died when he was quite young, a politely racist Anglophile grandfather, and a mentally ill mother. By the accounts of those who maintained lifetime correspondence with him, he was gracious to a fault. I'm not attempting to lionize him, as he certainly did have his problems. I'm merely attempting to humanize him because human he was and not the monster that he's made out to be these days.
      I've opened an account on Payhip to sell PDF versions of my work so I don't need to be bothered with Amazon's tomfoolery. I'm going to have to keep selling my soul for a while, but at least it gives me a backup plan when Amazon pulls stunts like this.


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