A Perilous Path #8Sunday #SnipSun


Fantasy, Paranormal, Sci-Fi

Overall Rating
R for fantasy gore, profanity, and violence

Heat Rating
0 flames

Romance Rating
Strictly Platonic

The fate of the Cosmos rests in the hands of an unlikely team of unusual friends. Will an exiled member of an ancient extraterrestrial race, a human ghost, and two ghouls be able to outfox an ancient evil and beat Nyarlathotep at his game before time runs out? This buddy story is the first in a series of New Cthulhu Mythos cliffhangers.


You can read last week's snippet here.


“An altar in the Hall of Nyarlathotep—but of course! Who would not be quite curious to follow a portal in a blasted Hall of Nyarlathotep Worship?”

“I think that this portal may lead back to your world via the Dreamlands, Ketil,” the creature revealed. “From my understanding of the sigils surrounding the gate, this passage terminates in Xura. I have never been to Xura, but I have heard rumors of a most interesting house which is said to be a focal point in this realm.”

“Oh, but of course. The House of Great Fuckery,” the man expounded. “And who in their right mind would not wish to go through the House of Great Fuckery?”

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There is just one thing I want to know.

How does Grammarly think that "TinyLetter" looks a damn thing like "Donald?" There are only two letters in common.

I'm working to set up my Story Origin and Book Funnel accounts. I keep hearing conflicting information from people about the effectiveness of newsletters. Some say they have several solar systems worth of subscribers and newsletters are the best thing since sliced bread. Others say newsletters don't do much for them. Personally, I've found them to be a bust, but I'm going to try to give it a fair shake.

Maybe Donald Duck will subscribe to my newsletter. He's a smart guy who knows a good story when he reads one. 

I've always wished I had the money to hire someone to handle my social media accounts and promotions. If I did, you'd all probably think this was me, the young, artsy, mysterious, hip Lady Writer.

Image by Khusen Rustamov from Pixabay
The Fascinating Fantasy

I've never been any good at pretending to be something I'm not, though. The reality is much closer to this:

Image by 942987 from Pixabay

Anyway, sign up for my newsletter. It's a work in progress. 

I'm really glad my writing is better than my promotional abilities, though. I flat-out suck at promotion, no lie. 


  1. I love mysterious portals, although I'm not sure I'd want to end up where this one apparently goes! Enjoyed the snippet...

  2. This portal doesn't sound like anything I'd be willing to go through. Hope they are more adventurous than I am! Tweeted.

  3. The way they chip back and forth--and I don't know why--makes me think of slapstick. :-)

    I wish you much luck getting everything set up. The email sign up on my blog is my July goal. I ruled out Mailchimp. Leaning toward Mailerlite. And then I watched a 20Books50K video about Book Funnel... I am so confused. :-)

  4. Who in their right mind, indeed! I for one would take a pass. But then I'm a sissy.

  5. Accurate question - who wouldn't want to go to the Great House of Fuckery - LOL - tweeted.

  6. You're right! That's an odd collection of friends, but I bet they work well together.

  7. Not sure I would want to go through that gate, lol. No thank you.


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